Thursday, August 16, 2012

UMass Media Day 2012

First off, thanks to the UMass Media Relations Office for allowing me to attend! A lot of organizations would not be as accommodating------just because.

Congrats to John Sinnett on his baby daughter!


UMass was in it's new maroon home uniforms. John Sinnett said that the other two versions (the all-black and road whites) have not yet been delivered.

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Tajae Sharpe models the new jersey with the arm flashes
 The new all-black helmets were available.

New hat logo

If you have never had a chance to talk with the UMass players, they are articulate kids. The players patently responded to press questions.

Michigan transfer Michael Cox interview

The printed Media Guide is still a work in progress. Many of the players were not listed.

One interesting tidbit from the material stated UMass will have live streaming video from Gillette for $9.95 month and $79.95 for the year.

Matt Vautour interviews Coach Molnar
I've set up a Picasa web album with 33 images from the event. The link is here.


UMass07 said...

Michael Cox is a Michigan transfer

Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm glad UMass' colors are maroon & white.

Anonymous said...

First of all the new uniforms are extremely nice, great job to Coach Molnor and his staff for that.

I listen to his latest interview and to say that im a little shocked is an understatement as to how he is trying to prepare the Umass fans for this upcoming season. I have heard some fans call him a "salesman" and i defended that up until now. This is the third reference that he have made about trying to win game with FCS players as if he is setting the stage for a winless season. i DONT BUY THAT! Many of Coach Morris players had BCS offers but chose Umass for not wanting to be made into a defensive back or linebacker at the BCS level when they were recievers etc in high school. Some chose Umass over BCS programs to be close to home reather than go out west to a Washington State type program etc. These same players went to Michigan 2 years ago and gave them all they could handle losing by 4 points. They also went to K-State and lost by 4. That same year K-State beat Oklahoma who was ranked 2nd in the BCS. My point is ....these dog gone boys can play so stop making excuses before the game is even played. Almost every starter on our roster can start for Uconn. During that same year that we played michigan close well michigan went to Uconn and beat them by 27 points!

All im saying is i wish Coach M. will stop reminding us that our players are less talented, i guess he forgot to mention that our coaching staff as a unit have never coached a single BCS game also. Is it fair to say that we will be out coached in games based on that? Bottom line is that we can and will at some games this year starting with Uconn. I love almost everything about our new staff , lets play ball and get behind the entire team! Go UMASS!

Anonymous said...

Frank, did u get any idea when they might get a roster/depth chart out?

Tom M

Anonymous said...

Articulate! What did you expect them to be? Wow!!!!

UMass74 said...

As I said in the post, the printed material that was handed out is a work in progress. Hopefully, it will all get sorted out soon.

I have no information when that would be.

TopUMassFan said...

Uniforms look great, would use black jerseys for special games or as incentive for past accomplishments. Coaching staff will get the most out of the team but it could be a long season with few or no wins. They will come, however, and UMass will compete for the MAC title in the foreseeable future.

Would love to have the printed media guide make a return; it was the "bible" of UMass football.

Anonymous said...

So true.... Molnar does not hesitate to remind everyone he is competing with 1AA players, he also reminds the original players they are not his recruits and tells them to keep their hands off his next generation players that he has recruited... Ask some of the players.. Maybe the AD needs to step in and temper Molnar's comments instead of this blind faith hands off approach because he came from a BCS program..

Anonymous said...

This is in response to the comment about Coach Molnar downplaying expectations with his FCS players. I agree that it's getting old, and honestly if I were a player I wouldn't be too happy hearing this frequent refrain. Is there a chance that he's using some reverse psychology, hoping to rev them up and play beyond their talent level? I'm not sure. I do remember the Michigan "close game", and really don't want to put too much stock in that. Because if you put too much on the way they played that day, you'd have to look back to last season at BC where it looked like we didn't belong on the same field. (and that was a crappy BC team). Which brings me to your point about coaching. Let's see him coach them up in a far better way than the previous coach before he throws those "less talented" FCS players under the bus.

UMass74 said...

I too miss the old printed press guides. I collected them for 20+ years.

The NCAA effectively banned them three or so years ago. Blame some of the BCS teams who typically started an "arms race" in press guides, with some schools issuing yearly releases the size of the Manhattan telephone book.

Anonymous said...

Molnar needs to humble himself and realize that he is not the face of the program. There is no I in team.

Coach, your players need to trust you, these kids are looking to you and YOUR COACHING STAFF to lead them into this new era!!

Stop trying to spotlight yourself and develope your players.

Anonymous said...

Frank -How many season tix have been sold,did they mention how individual game seats are moving? Fill it up!!

prof. said...

If Molnar is indeed crticizing the talent on his team, as in the very fine players who have worked so hard to represent the University ands the Commonwealth, and who are very capable of competing with any MAC team and most BCS teams, then he will create a schism of resentment, anger, and hostility that will be felt for the forseeable future. I'm surprised he would be so outspoken even if these are his sentiments. Keep that within the confines of the coaching staff only. Decorum, Charlie, Decorum! Stop deflecting and accept what a fine bunch of young man you have to lead over the next few years,and affect their lives for the positive. Ever hear of the Little Train that Could?

Anonymous said...

Coach Molnar is an extremely smart man, just listen to him speak. Most new coaches want nothing to do with the exiting coach players with the thinking that those players is partly the reason the team wasnt seccussful in the first place. They often use the excuse that "i need to bring in my own players" which buys them at least 3 to 4 years of job security. I say to Coach Molnar.... we made you a millionire so figure it out! I dont think no one in their right mind is askig for a winning record this season however 0 and 12 is not acceptable either. Uconn is very beatable and we will win that game. Lets all pull the rope in the same direction and keep this blog positive throughout the season.

Anonymous said...

"Molnar is a extremely smart man"... Based on what? You can contribute the losing record last season to the lack of coaching.. The players were not responding to Morris, he did not understand how important motivation and preparation are to winning a game. The talent was there and it is there now.. So enough about these 1aa level players. If the rhetoric continues from Molnar the support will not grow and Gillette will be a very empty place on Saturdays..

Anonymous said...

Re: UConn is beatable. Honestly I thought BC was "beatable" last year and we looked PATHETIC. I hope things look different with UConn and that UMass can at least keep it close and respectable should they lose. The BC game last year was a bitter disappointment.