Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday--August 3rd, 2012

Matty V. says UMass will be doing things different when the Minutemen open camp today.

MassLive has a training camp article here.


OOC opponent Vanderbilt's schedule according the Coaches Poll.


ISportsWEB looks at Michigan's schedule and gives predictions.


CBS Sports previews the MAC.

The DeCalb Daily Chronicle predicts the MAC champion.


The Hartford Courant has an article on UConn's opening camp.

UConn named Chandler Witmer as their provisional starting QB.

 The UConn Blog has more.


Jeremy Horne #11/Shayne Keyser KC Star image
Image of Jeremy Horne from Kansas City training camp.



Anonymous said...

With only 26 more days left to the season opener,I want to thank Frank for keeping us going with UMASS football info. UMASSATHLETICS.COM has really gone down hill over the last few years.Even as a 1AA school the school covered football better, now updates come every few days. Here's to the UMASS Football Blog...hoping we get some pix and coverage from camp.

UMass74 said...

I called the UMass football office today (Friday) and asked if any of the practices were going to be open to the public.

I was told that was still under discussion and they would take my e-mail address and reply directly if and when any practices will be open.

I would like to get some pictures of the players running around. Especially the recruits and transfers (people like to know hat they look like). I would avoid, of course, any images of formations or plays.

I would not take any images if it was not allowed. Coach Brown did not care what you did. Coach Morris did not allow any open practices or images.

Anonymous said...

"Coach Morris did not allow any open practices or images."
These closed Morris practices were absolutely necessary. He didn't want any "secret" practice formations to leak out of training camp. Otherwise EVERY team would finish at 5-6.

Anonymous said...

Marken Michel is wearing #4 in practice as can be seen in his 8/7 interview video on the UMass football site. Wonder if he is changing numbers?