Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday- Aughust 29th, 2012

UPDATE:  I've swapped questions-and-answers  with Andrew Porter, who is one of the owners of  The UConn Blog . Andrew's responses to my questions will be up here as a separate blog post this afternoon.


Matty V has a story on Thursday's game ---- the Minutemen's first FBS contest.

UMass DB Mike Lee will not play against UConn, but after that he will be available.


MassLive's Harry Plumber has a story about UMass filling in some details for UConn.

The story mentioned the number of true freshmen in the two-deep chart. I counted 14 true freshmen or transfers in the two-deep. There's an old coaching saw that says you lose one game for every true freshman you start, so the Minutemen will be definitely building for the future in 2012.

CBS Boston says Coach Molnar is excited, not pressured.

SB Boston says the Minutemen are marching into unknown territory.

The Boston Herald has two stories about the Minutemen: UMass tackles a new look schedule and a big step up for Coach Molnar and the Minutemen.


The MAC Report Online says UMass is the MAC"s mystery men.


The Journal-Inquirer says three's a crowd in New England.


The Stamford Avocate states Coach Pasqualoni faced tough choices in naming the Huskies captains.

UConn QB Chandler Whitmer is ready for his opptunity.

The Hartford Courant says Don Brown's defense is ready to roll.


The looks at the opening games in the MAC and says UConn will push UMass around for 60 minutes.


One of the more interesting games in college football this week is Ohio against Penn State. The Bobcats are a pretty solid club. This should be a good gauge on how much the Nittany Lions have actually been affected by the NCAA sanctions.


The Worcester Telegram says Giants-Patriots will be a battle of benches. James Ihedigbo gets a mention.


The Times-Union has a story on Jeremy Horne getting cut by the Chiefs.


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