Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tuesday--August 7th, 2012

UPDATE: The UMass website has a story and video from the Minutemen's fourth day of practice.


Matty V. has a story that says Kellen Pagel is still out with an undisclosed injury.

Matty also lists five players from the Spring Roster that are no longer with the team:
Moas was highly praised by the previous staff and played in two games as a true freshman.

The same article stated true freshmen Tajae Sharp and Dalvin Battle have impressed in camp so far. Both are wide receivers.

Battle was a 5-11 175-pound RB from Fort Meyers, FL.


Harry Plumer of MassLive looks at the changes in the UMass defense.


Speaking of quarterbacks, the MAC blog "Hustle Belt" looks at the league's QB's for 2012.


CBS Sports says Victor Cruz is loving life.


Jets lineman Matt Slauson says Vlad Ducasse deserves a shot.


A Bleacher Report writer looks at Travis Tripucka's battle to win a spot on the Rams roster.


Keepers College Football ratings has UMass 5th in the MAC East.


UConn will have two reinforcements in their receiving corps.


Indiana's coach doesn't want the Hoosiers' QB's wearing dresses.


The Vanderbilt Blog "Anchor of Gold" thinks anything less than a bowl bid will be a disappointment for the Commodores .


Baseball fans: drunk or idots?

I watched a number of fan interference calls at the Red Sox game last night. What really blows my mind is watching fans beg for the ball while it is in play...



Anonymous said...

Well, we have heard a lot about the defense except for the front four..Does anyone have an idea of what is going on up front. Sure the LB's are going to be a factor but without the front four pushing, the LB's will be on their heels trying to make plays...

Anonymous said...

Where did we find this Oline coach from? Are they going to block anyone this camp?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't want to be a qb on this team. Michigan and uconn will be destroying them with this line.

Anonymous said...

Well, do you have input or just exposing your inability to construct a sentence...