Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday--- August 31, 2012

Well, the nearly 250 mile round trip journey to East Hartford was interesting to say the least. The road was long and so was the game.

First the bad, the UMass offense set probably historic lows in production. We had only 3 first downs against the Husky defense and didn't come close getting anything going in any phase of the game. We rushed 24 times for essentially  zero yards.

The noise seemed to bother the offense and they never got into any kind of rhythm.

Special teams were also a sore spot. We had a punt blocked for a touchdown. UMass had trouble covering returns all night as UConn averaged 21.8 yards a return.

The bright spot was the UMass defense. The DL played superb.  UConn a power running team, averaged 3.4 yards a carry. The Huskies also ran the Wildcat nearly every series and went nowhere. The defense stayed with the offensive shifts. They also developed some pressure on passing plays. The Minutemen's defense gave up 23 points and were on the field all night ----- literally.
If you were watching on TV, you probably couldn't see the players encouraging each other. Nobody quit.

Keep the faith. We knew this was going to be a bad matchup for the rookie UMass offense.


Official UMass writeup and box score.

Matty V. has the Minutemen shut out in their FBS opener.

He also has FBS football is finally here. Read the last sentence.

Matty says QB competition is on-going.

MassLive has three articles: the UMass offense couldn't get off the ground, the defense was better than the score indicated, it was a rough opener, but we're started.

The Boston Herald said UMass was no match for UConn. They also had UConn roughly welcomes UMass.

The Hartford Courant said welcome to the next level UMass.

The UConn Blog has as good a start as we could ask for.

The UMass Daily Collegian said UMass was blown out.


The results for the rest of the MAC openers.


Vanderbilt lost to South Carolina.


I'll be back later with more.


Unknown said...

Nice write-up, always look forward to fooball season and following along!

This game was tough to watch, but exciting at the same time! 4 of the first 5 games are being carried by ESPN3 which is fantastic, and it looks like we had the #1 play on Sportscenter for that interception (facebook link, all I got:

izy1 said...

Watched the game on SNY.
The only comment I will make is-

TopUMassFan said...

Frank, I made the trip to Rentschler and had a great time! WE ARE FBS. Our boys got beat but they didn't turn tail and run; they never quit and that is a plus and a starting point.

You could see the difference in speed right from the start and by the end, depth was an issue as well. Too many miscues and penalties to get anything started. 14 points on turnovers and the score is much more respectable.

I saw plenty of non-calls (including a facemask tackle) against UConn that may have evened things a bit but, make no mistake, we were not winning that game.

We have seen where we want to be and in time, we will get there. No shame in the effort last night and let's get ready for Indiana!