Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday News---August 21st, 2010

Matty Vautour on the kicking/punting competition between Caleb Violette, Brendon Levengood and Igor Garcia.


Victor Cruz is still getting tons of ink.

Victor is an instant success.

Cruz overcame difficulties.

He's moving up the Giants depth chart.

Cruz is pushing for the #4 or #5 receiver slot.


More on the new player banners at McGuirk. Pretty good choices for the players in the Blog's opinion. Who would you have added?


UMass fans have been fortunate with their radio broadcast teams. The UMass football broadcasts have won multiple awards for quality. Now Rene Ingoglia has been chosen to do an ESPN game.


The Sporting News previews the CAA and picks UMass ninth.


Former Holy Cross QB Dominic Randolph joins Victor Cruz with the NY Giants.


The Washington Examiner has a list of new schools playing football.



Anonymous said...

Sean Smalls could be up there and JJ Moore or Brandon London, Alex Miller. All are deserving.

TopUMass fan said...

I love the addition of the new banners (should have been done years ago). I agree with most of the choices but I'm not sure how you leave Greg Landry out. Would have liked to have seen Matt Jordan, Coaches Pickett and Whipple and 1998 National Champion Team photo as well. Maybe other banners can follow and join a rotation of banners to be displayed. A step in the right direction!

hampfan said...

took a ride across the river today 8/21 to see the banners. thought they looked great. you have to see them from across from the entrance to get the full effect. well done.

Anonymous said...

i agree alex miller shoulda been up there but it's hard to fit them all, they look awesome tho, maine has them at their stadium and it looks good im glad we did it here

Anonymous said...

Are they on both sides of stadium?

Anonymous said...

love that umass is sprucing up the stadium. can they please clean up the crap stored under the home side and pave the inside. create a fan friendly atmosphere inside. we need more active,involved fans for a true home field advantage.