Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday News------ August 25th, 2010

Matty Vautour says UMass' media agreement with CBS3 is kinda a big deal. WSHN-TV has another story on the UMass digital sports availability.

Video Sports Group has more details.


Matty also has a story about UMass' starting safeties Darren Thellen (RS SO 6-2 200) and Shane Viveiros (RS JR 6-0 220). Matty says Kumar Davis, James Carven and Christian Birt will see some reps.


The Virginia Gazette says William & Mary has depth on the offensive line. The opening game against the Tribe will feature one of the best offensive line and tailback combinations in the nation. UMass and William & Mary should have very good O-lines and John Griffin and Jonathan Grimes are the two best TB's in the league.


USC transfer Aaron Corp has been named the starting QB at Richmond.


The Sports Network previews FCS independents.


The City of Philadelphia is requiring bloggers to have a $300 business license if they have advertising on their blog. One blogger received a demand letter from the city even though he made a grand total of $11.00 in two years.


As usual, the CAA is receiving a ton of preseason honors.



Anonymous said...

Pretty solid at both safety slots. Any ideas about the CBs?

Anonymous said...

With camp essentially over and all the focus now on WIlliam & Mary the majority of the two deep should be set. Has anyone been by the stadium two see what things look like on Offense and Defense?

Anonymous said...

A post I just read was the single dumbest thing anyone has said on the blog. OF COURSE it makes a difference if you go up or down in division. Newsflash Division 2 and 3 schools do not give athletic scholarships! Its strictly financial aid, if they drop down its non scholarship football. A scholarship at Umass is worth say 100k per kid more for an out of state kid. Who do you think is paying for that? Moving up a division would get the school the conference share on TV contracts, more merchandise sales, bigger crowds at games and possible bowl money amongst other things. Its a move these FCS schools might face in the future.