Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday News ------ August 16th, 2010

UMass beat writer Matty Vautour has a feature article on Emil Igwenagu. Too bad the UMass biology dept can't clone Igwenagu. I'd like to have him at both FB and TE.


Matty also has a story about tonight's Jets-Giants game, which will have three UMass alumni playing: Victor Cruz, James Ihedigbo and Vladimir Ducasse.

Matty's on a roll with his All-UMass Transfer team. If he ever does an All-Juco team, he should start with Todd Bankhead.


The EagleTribune has an All-Decade team, which includes former UMass fullback Kyle B. Harrington (2004,2005,2006).


NESN has a blog question: "Does UMass have a football team?"


MACON.COM has an article about former UMass WR Neal Brown and current Texas Tech OC (mentioned in Vautour's All-transfer team).


The CAA blogger has news from Saturday's league training camps.


Catching up the the player countdown. Wearing #19 for UMass this year is Woody Carter IV, a 6-1 175 pd DB from North Laurel, MD. Carter played in 7 games in 2009. He had 3 UT 1 AT 4TT.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind that NESN asks that question but what's up with the UMass picture when they show you the answer? It gives that little paragraph about BU football and has a pic of UMass right next to it.

vetteson said...

Kind'a hard to clone males... Anyway, NESN question wrong from the get go. BU dropped football years ago and as the article concerns the "Boston area", UMass (Boston) doesn't have a team either. Nor does UMass Lowell. NESN should know the difference between "Boston area" and Connecticut valley (no, not near Boston).

Anonymous said...

The all-transfer team is pretty weak. No need to have a whole team when there aren't enough players to fill all the positions.

Anonymous said...

Is there a scrimmage on saturday?

Chu Chu Rah Rah Contributors said...

Something tells me Vic Cruz found a spot on the Giants' roster tonight. I only wish Dominic Randolph of Holy Cross had some chances to being throwing balls to him during the preseason.

I remember when we played UMASS back in 2008 at our house Cruz remained in check catching 5 balls for 89 yards, but it was Jeremy Horne who torched us. I hope Cruz latches on with the NYG and does some big things in the League. I love seeing FCS guys doing well.

Chu Chu Rah Rah Contributors said...

My wish came true it looks like, at least for the time being: