Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday News-------August 20, 2010

Emil Igwenagu was unanimously voted captain by the UMass football team.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says UMass alumni are making their mark in the NFL.


Pro Football Weekly says Victor Cruz is no one game wonder.


The UMass website has a story about banners being added to McGuirk stadium. The UMass Football Blog notes and approves how there is something being done each year to improve McGuirk. Kudos to AD John McCutcheon.

Matty Vautour features new UMass back (but not new to the CAA) John Griffin.


The Sentinel and Enterprise says local talent fuels UMass.

The same newspaper relates how former Oakmont stars have reunited at UMass.


A Michigan-centric newspaper takes note of John Griffin's potential.


The CAA website profiles the Towson Tigers.

The CAA Blogger has the latest news from league training camps.


The WAC is looking at FCS schools to fill out its ranks. If only the Big east, etc...



Anonymous said...

Now if only the banners weren't black.

Anonymous said...

With all do respect to Emil and Tyler, but I don't think this was a good idea because if I was a senior I would be offended. I would at least made it 4 captains throw two seniors in there. One guy Kemon Bailey I know he switched positons for the team multiple times, and he's been around for 5 years. And as an Alum I see guys like David Thompson,Tracy Belton,David Burris,Matt Lawerence,Kyle Harrinton,Chris Zardas,Tony nelson,John Hatchell,Brad Anderson,Brandon London. Just to name a few that was worthy as captains and now u pick two junior captains. Honestly it just shows me the directions the program is going in.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Kerry Taylor on the banner at McGuirk. He was an excellent player. I'd have loved to have seen the #s he would have put up in 4 years in Mark Whipple's offense.

Anonymous said...

If there is no leader that's a senior, they shouldn't be a captain. I'm all for naming a captain after summer camp when a player of any class might distinguish themselves as captain worthy. Last thing they need is a Brandon Collier and Sean Smalls being captains again. Oh, and Collier was a captain as a junior too. Under Brown. Stop looking for reasons to dislike Morris.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but TWO captains as a junior when there are 16 seniors. Smalls and Collier, seemed to be better captains then miles and ducasse. Because with all that talent last year something was wrong 5-6 record. And I think kemon bailey is a good leader and deserved to be captain

Anonymous said...

I feel that was very classless to take shots at two former captains. There peers and coaches put them there. It just shows me that Umass football is not what it use to be. These guys couldn't make there self captains. And I honestly feel who ever made that statement should reconsider, or blog should take that down. U don't talk about former players in a bad way especially very good players two four year starters and team captains.

UMass74 said...

OK,enough. The Captains were elected by the team. End of story and end of comments on this thread.