Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday News--- August 17th, 2010

Woah! Victor Cruz torched the Jets. NY Times says Victor shone. MassLive says Cruz lit up the night. Rotoworld says Victor was huge. SB nation says that was the most TD catches by a Giants receiver in preseason since 1998, which was a pretty good year for us, as you remember.


UMass beat writer Matty Vautour has a story that says Kyle Havens is the starting QB right now.


MassLive also reviews Jeromy Miles big hit on Tim Tibow.


Keepers College Football rankings (home page) have his first news of the season and guess who is #9 in his ratings for 2010? Keeper is the first pundit to give UMass some respect this year. He's probably reacting to the four potential new offensive starters the Minutemen acquired off season.

UNH probably has the most right to comment, but something tells me Delaware fans (as usual) will do most of the complaining.


More updates from UMass training camp with video interview Coach Morris here.


UMass has big increase in their radio coverage as they add WWZN to the 2010 network. This should be a big boost for the Minutemen in the Boston market. WWZN should bring UMass football, basketball and hockey to the biggest concentration of fans in the state. There are lots of Mass expatriates in southern Maine and New Hampshire and 50,000 watts should really help Minutemen fans in those states.

The first football show of the season will be at 7:00 pm on Sept 2nd.

Now if UMass could only add a station in the Berkshires (there are a lot of UMass fans out there), our coverage in state would be complete.


More updates from the CAA Blogger here and here.



Anonymous said...

Big night by Cruz! Looking in the NFL camps it is scary the talent we had as a n FCS program last year and we just could not find the end zone. Whether Havens or one of the other QB's we have to have consistency in the position this year. Most important we cannot throw the ball away. That was a killer last season.

Anonymous said...

Victor cruz was spectacular last night no other way to say it. 3 td's and some fantastic catches. espn player of the night and his first td was the play of the night. he stole the show. hats off to him really he just made the nfl. I was disappointed with the performance of ducasse, he looked slow, disinterested and not physical whatsoever. The reports of him battling for a starting role were false, he is a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

what a day from cruz absolutely great!

vetteson said...

If last night's Jets/Giants game was not a grest recruiting film for UMass in the northern Jersey/NY area, I don't know what is. With continuing rumors about R.I. dropping out of CAA and whether Maine can maintain a CAA level team, UMass should become the recruiting beast in the NE. All the more reason UMass needs to stay in the CAA.

Anonymous said...

Vlad was great, what game were you watching?

Anonymous said...

ducasse looked disinterested because he was dominating his man the whole night, i was comparing him and slauson the whole night and slauson to me looked to me as the slow and unphysical one, by seasons end i guarantee vlad is starting, vic tho is the real deal and has earned exactly what he is getting

Anonymous said...

Its a much harder adjustment for a lineman than a skill position guy in the jump from the CAA to the NFL. Give Vlad sometime and will see what happens. The jets are talking big things I doubt they will make a change unless one is needed. Vlad not getting a single rep with the first offense is concerning if he is going to start.