Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday News----- August 23rd, 2010

Good Morning from Chama, New Mexico.

The UMass website has a full report on Saturday's scrimmage.

They also have four links about Jeremy Horne's making an impact with the Jets.


The Berkshire Eagle has another report on Cruz and Randolph.


UMass' first foe William & Mary has a fall training camp site here with reports from their August 21st scrimmage, interviews and image galleries.

Speaking of the Tribe, this Bleacher Report writer says they don't have a chance against North Carolina. He apparently does not remember what the Tribe did to Virginia last year.


The CAA Blogger has reports from all around the League about this weekend's training camp activities.

They also have a Rhode Island team preview.


Another article about Villanova's Matt Szscur making difficult choices easy.


Craig Haley of The Sports Network has a preview of the Big South league including UMass' 2010 OOC opponent Stony Brook.


vetteson said...

Chimelis in his Sunday article stated that R.I. is going to the NEC, not apparently or possibly. Is Maine next?

This is one of those years when you believe UMass could be a great "sleeper" or an awful "snorer".

Anonymous said...

At some point in time Umass is going to have to make the decision of moving up or down in divisions. the FCS or 1 AA is going to fall apart altogether, the school or state loses too much money with funding these programs.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of ALL football schools, at ALL levels, lose money. Moving in either direction will not change that.