Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wednesday News ---- August 4th, 2010

Matty Vautour has an article on new UMass QB Ian Shultis. Some stats from the article:

"He completed 214 of 399 passes for 2,243 yards, 22 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He broke school records for touchdown passes in a game (five) and passing yards in a game (432) along the way. He was an all-league selection in the Southern California Football Association."

And he didn't start until the fourth game of the season...

UPDATE: The UMass athletic website has a video profile of Shultis. See below. It might not fit well with Blogger, but what the hell. And no snarky comments about his goof on the school colors. I'm sure his new teammates have already pointed that out.


Craig Haley looks at the Patriot league and the advent of scholarships. Interesting about the quote that Fordham going scholarship football won't add a cent of actual expenses. I have a tape of the UMass-Lafayette 2007 playoff game. In a post game interview, the reporter tells the Leopards coach that he should be proud of the effort against a scholarship team; he replied "Oh all our kids are scholarship players too, they just call it something different."


Former Appalachian State star QB Armanti Edwards is struggling with his transfer to WR for the
Carolina Panthers


The Boston Herald has a story about greatness in Groton.


The Big East is developing plans for its own TV network. At the end of the article it says there have been discussions about Villanova making the jump to FBS/I-A football. Wow! The Wildcats would have to make a major investment in football for that to happen. Unless the league would help, it would be difficult for Villanova to come up with the needed about of cash.


Thirty-one days until football. 2010 recruit Edward St. Vil, a 5-11 175 pd FR DB from Miramir, FL will wear #31 for the Minutemen this year.


Anonymous said...

OK here goes w/ some depth chart guesswork.

QB Havens (he just needs to play conservatively and we are ok) Schultis
RB Griffin (will do well behind a much underestimated OLine), Hernandez and Smith
H/ FB Igwenagu Delaney
TE Igwenagu and Krevis (both need to become QB favorites)
WR Talley, Colarusso or Campbell
WR Nelson, Julmiste
WR Sheran (good possession receiver) Fears
LT Niland,Westcarr
LG Samuda, Young
C Ihne, Sales
RG Milhim, Flanagan
RT Ostazewski, Poston

P Strait, Violette
K Violette, Garcia
PR Julmiste, Nelson
KR Julmiste, Nelson
LS Tripucka, McLaughlin

D Line really needs to step up for us this yr. Might be playing a lot more 3 down fronts w/ 4-5 LB's

DE Nesselt, Jackson
DT Byrne, Blanchflower yes move him over tuff kid who kid become a very good DL
NT Thompson, Major
DE McLaughlin, Agnew, Chamberlin

ILB Holmes, Duggan, Lindsey
OLB McIntyre, Brandt 1, Hundt
ILB Mele, Campbell,
OLB Adeoba, Andre (impact Fr of this class), Brandt 2, Nolton

CB Ke'Mon, Carter Sr (unless he gets moved to WR), Carter Jr
CB Kumar, Cozzo,
FS Thellen, Birt
SS Viveros, Carven

See you up in the top row Sec 16 Row DD

vetteson said...

Years ago Villanova was Div. 1. I believe they dropped football, then came back as 1AA. Like Temple, they had trouble competing as a city college and with not much following. Regarding the Patriot League, they have been giving players "scholarships" for years, only they call it "need based" assistance.

UMass74 said...

Nice post, Section 16, Row DD.

Anonymous said...

few things. Hernandez will be RB 1
Colarusso will not be anywhere near the field(he's constantly injured) I believe Poston is a lateral transfer so he can't play so he wouldn't be number 2 on the depth chart. Violette Will have both Kicking and punting duties. Kumar is a safety not a Corner. Woody Carter has already been moved to WR(Happened in spring ball)

Anonymous said...

Griffin was a star at Northeastern last year who had zero line, no qb, zero wrs and horrible coaching. He is going to have a good year for umass and picucci will put together a line that is very good. the qb position could be interesting, Hill will be the starter by seasons end. the dbs really scare me this season, seeing carven in the two deep is not promising for our depth.

Anonymous said...

blanch is not going to d end dima will be the back up lt westcarr is a gigantic work in progress hernandez and griffin will split evenly milhim is rt oz is rg holmes is an olb now andre will not be that good and mike lee will be starting at cb next to kemon

Anonymous said...

From sec 16 Roww DD up in the top row

Well first of all my depthchart went w/ some educated guesses and some guesswork as well. For a season tix holder I thought most of the submission was pretty close to reality. Every team has player position moves, transfers, illness or injuries and all sorts of issues that can disrupt depth charts.

Seems that some who commented on this are either players (not a good idea to be reading my guesses and commenting - keep your focus on this team and the challenging schedule ahead) or folks who "think" they know what they are talking about but have really no idea on the reality of the teams.

A few other guesses/ thoughts to offer. After talking w/ some of my fellow NJ alum's seems that the Fr QB gets a real range of responses from he will be the next Liam Coen to other less flattering responses. QB is a tough enough position to play anyways and to have a FR come in right off and handle the position pretty well would be something. Not saying it couldn't happen but if it did I hope it is for the good reasons and not to throw him to the wolves.

As for the RB's I am amazed at how many folks do not credit the OLine for being something to watch. I really think that w/ this group of RB's and - in my estimation- a very good group of OL's going 3 deep at some spots- the ground game could be a reall strong point for us. I am included the TE's in this mix since the way we play they are included in the scheme for both pass and run and the group of TE's we have is quite good and can create problems for a lot of teams.

Real simple - Good teams win by running the ball and stopping the run. I would offer that as long as we stick w/ the run and if our QB's play conservatively and do not act as if every pass has to win the game - then as far as offense goes we will be fine.

On Fr I will offer up some more on Special Teams and Defense.

Signing off for now and though I like all of my fellow UMass fans the place to watch a game is . . . . Sec 16 Roww DD in the Top Row.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sec 16 Row DD, Nice Depth Chart Pretty Accurate if you ask me. However, too much buzz going around about Hill at QB he will def. be the starter at some point this season maybe not right away but give it some time for Havens to cough it up to him. That is if he hasn't already won the starting spot by camp.

Anonymous said...

QB:Havens, hill is work in progress, shultz is even more from what i have seen, jesse hunte starts yr. at no. 2
TB: 1. Hernandez, 1a. griffin, 1c. smith
FB/TE: emil
TE: Krevis
WR: Talley, Anthony Nelson, Sheran
back-ups: Gilson, Fears, Julmiste
OL: Syracuse Transfer, Milhelm, OZ, Samuda, Neiland w/ Ihne and Flanagan first back-ups in
DE: McLauglin and Chamberlain
backup Jackson and Clemons
DT: Thompson and Potvin
back-ups: Byrne and Major
LB: Holmes, Mele, McYntire
back-ups: Adeoba, Duggan, Hunte
CB: Lee, Kemon
back-ups: Cozzo and Thorpe
Safety: Viveros and Carven (led Db's in spring with INT and break-ups)
back-ups: Davis and Thellan (both will see a lot of playing time)
weaknesses DL, QB, and CB the CAA has us not returning a lot of starters but when you take into consideration transfer starters on OL from Syracuse, Neiland, Nelson, and Griffin. Plus Mele who started 2 yrs at Syracuse and Viveros who started 5 games before getting suspended that is another 6 starters.

Anonymous said...

Oline will be very good for one reason, position coach. Best in 1AA

Anonymous said...

Hill will be the starting qb by seasons end because he is the hope for the future in what could be a bridge year. This team must show progess in order for Morris to return for another season. If they start losing, Hill is going in.

Anonymous said...

This O-line had all spring to gel, lets see what they can do. I think were better off with the 5 we have and letting them grow together then stuffing a cuse transfer in who hasnt even seen the playbook yet. Just because they transfer from stracuse means nothing, they left for a reason and syracuse isnt florida. Mele, Warren Wilson and Sheeran have had no impact on the program yet and they were bigtime transfers as well.

Anonymous said...

mele starter, sheeran starter nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny how uneducated your fans are Frank. So Morris's directing an offense with 2 league championships at Umass, one at NU and a national finalist at Umass doesnt count for anything. It all boils down to last year!? Not even counting the school records that Coen holds..."he better show progress or he is gone" dumb quote.
Give the guy a chance to develope his team. Brown had time, Whipple had losing seasons...

UMass74 said...

Again, some posters here are not UMass fans.

Some even have debates with themselves...

The Internet, ya get the good (like Sec 16), and bad (like the incoherent rants I moderate) or the one-note posts with no information content.

Coach Morris is only in his second year and has only one recruiting class that he recruited. No one believes that his job is in danger.

I spend a lot of time on the Blog and I can't engage every post I disagree with.