Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday News--- August 6th, 2010

Victor Cruz is the subject of this article from the Giants training camp.

Matt Lawrence is eager to return to football after a knee injury at the Ravens camp.

You remember that Clarence Brooks is still coaching with the Ravens.

Vladimir Ducasse gets a mention in this article about the top 2011 non-BCS NFL prospects.


Adam Nettina, who once wrote a guest blog post for the UMass Football Blog when we played Navy, has an excellent article from his new beat in the WAC. Adam is a talented sports writer.


Craig Haley has an article in his "In the FCS Huddle" column: Delaware's Pat Devlin is unflappable.


Former UMass HC Jim Reid is the current DC in Virginia. This story talks about his days in Boston College.


Terrance Thomas of CSN is back with interviews of Micky Matthews and K.C. Keeler from CAA Media Day.


Today is twenty-nine days until the 2010 season starts. Wearing #29 for UMass this year is Ryan Carter, a 5-11 180 pd RS FR DB from North Laurel MD. Carter had a red shirt year in 2009.


Anonymous said...

Live from the Top Row Sec 16 Roww DD

Well Fr is here and that is always a good day. Pretty sure everyone is in camp on M and then has Media Day and all and then they are off.

Looking forward to trying to get out to a practice or two. Anyone know if the public is ok to go or is this frowned upon.

Took a look at some of the other posts and a few comments come to mind. This Syracuse transfer - who is he? He is not on the roster (yet?) and to plug him into the starting lineup seems a bit premature if he is not even on the roster. Every yr. we are supposed to get transfers like any other good 1aa program. Some come and others do not for a whole lot of reasons. Those that do come well some work out well - Matt Lawrence jumps to the front as a wonderful example while some others unfortunately do not have things work out for them. It happens. College is hard enough. College and being involved w/ a competitive sport is even harder (been there done that and overall it walloped me).

Would hope folks that post can either be constructive or as my Nana used to say "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all" and for me not to say anything has always been tough to do. Of course Nana at 4'11" would also get my attention by grabbing one nostril and giving me a pull and that would sure get my attention. Nana's have a way like that.

Sort of like how Coach Picucci works w/ the Oline or Coach Dud works the LB's. They mean well and though it may not appear that way at times folks have to look at the big picture.

Though I digress I would offer up a few bits for ponderment. Today I will offer some thoughts on the defensive side.

DB's - Myself I like the group of them. At spots we are 3 deep w/ good athletes. Replacing recent 3 yr starters is never easy but playing in this conference or playing the kind of schedule we do is not easy. So deal w/ it. I would offer that S Viveros is a heck of a good SS. He may enable us to play him in the box and at times he does a real nice job on pass defense. Would like to see him get his hands on the ball some this yr. Ke'Mon is a very good CB. He plays out on the island w/ zero conciense(sp) and keeps after the other guy well. Thellen does a nice job as well and after last yr now has the experience to take over for Miles as a good FS. The other CB is up for grabs my guess is it will be Kumar (his fans/folks are a riot to hear in the stands). He may be the nickle back but myself I think he brings a lot and should be on the field.

LB's - best overall group of position players on the team. As long as they are healthy overall I think they can be really something. Some talk of playing 4-5 LB's at a time and it would seem that this may be more 4 lb sets since our SS's come up a lot as well. Have to wait and see on this. T Holmes has done very well and at least for the folks in the top row we'd like to see him used more like Josh Jennings was used when he was first here and not so much in the middle where wear and tear gets to be an issue. Perry Mac(my daughters favorite UMass player) may be more of a ILB in this scheme but what he may lack in size he more than makes up for w/ heart and desire. Mike Mele hhhhmmm again talking w/ some of the UMass NJ connection he is supposed to be something. Was very unfortunate that he got banged up some last yr and hope he can get back to his old self. DJ Adeoba a true OLB if we have one. Great speed and plays the position well. Needs to manage things better when he is traffic so he can stay healthy. Also needs to take better advantage of his speed against the bigger -a little slower than him- OL's. As for the others it seems we have a lot of redshirts who could be very productive but it is still unclear so have to wait n see some.

Anonymous said...


like I said hard to keep things short when you have the gift of the gab gene

DL - well up in the Top Row we think that this group-along w/ hoped for steady QB play- are the biggest questions this team has. We are replacing 4 Sr's who played a lot last yr. They did a good job but unfortunately for a lot of reasons not many others got much pt. Now this has changed and opportunities abound in this area. At NT it would seem that the big soph Byrne should get shot either here or at DT. Thompson same. He eats up space well but needs to get towards the ball more to close space down. Major looks like he could help some but he is young and it seems he needs to be ready to play teams we do at this level. After these few it is unclear who else will really get into the mix. This is one area it would seem that a good, strong, size-enhanced DL would be welcomed to the team.

When we have played well in the past it has been w/ 3 linemen but they all would take up a lot of space and cause havoc. We need that again to get back to being a playoff team.

DE it would appear we have some good players ready to break out. Nesselt has shown a lot. Jackson should be a good one also. Mclaughlin should be a good solid player as well. Hopefully the distractions from last yr are over and behind him. Agnew should be a good one as well. Potvin may help here as well. So DE looks pretty solid but we need to be strong inside and for a few reasons maybe we play more 3 DL sets this yr. If our inside DL's can play well this defense should do just fine.

Well enough for now from the sunny side over in the Top Row Sec 16 Roww DD.

FYI will be at all the home games - and at Gillette- and going to the Mich game. Other away games will have to wait n see what can be done. Hope you all go and support the team and program as much as you can.

Anonymous said...

when does the team report for camp?

Anonymous said...

I will have to disagree with the prior post of Morris being given more time. I agree he has been successful despite constant criticism from fans as an offense coordinator. My issue with Morris is that hes never won as a head coach, his record at WPI is very unimpressive and last year was a very bad season. I think this is a big year for him and his future.

UMass74 said...

I believe the team reports Sunday.

vetteson said...

Considering transfers, it is only a guess how they will fit in and what they can bring to a team. Remember Jimmy Moore? What a find. Then there was that LB from Notre Dame who bragged about beating up offenses. Who was he anyway?

Before UMass, Coach Morris was probably not under any great pressure to win. DIII football is mostly getting kids to play. There is no real pressure because of the very small fan base, tiny budget to run a program, and other athletic responsibilities. He is in a bigger game now and last year taught him that what worked at WPI obviously won't work at UMass. Cerebral he is but I would like to see him get a little tougher, yes you players on this blog, I'd like to see him grab a shoulder pad or face mask when the team turns the ball over three times in row.