Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Recruiting 2011---Manny Asprilla

UMass has offered to Manny Asprilla a 5-10 155 pd athlete from Everett, MA.

Asprilla just picked up an offer from Boston College. He already holds an offer from UNH. Also interested are UConn and Fordham.

Roger Brown, the northeast ESPN recruiting blogger, has a stub article about Asprilla here.


Anonymous said...

from the Top Row

Missed one of the new players and wanted to show that when sitting up high you can miss one here and there.

#48 WR Belfon transfer from Dean JC and Boston originally. Trying to get some more info from those who follow JC's but so far no luck. I might be mistaken (yes in the Top Row we do that sometimes but try to just keep it to a minimum) his name sounds familiar not only for football but also track. Once we have some firm details we will be glad to share.

Optimism is rising up high in Sec 16. So far we like the new additions and also the overall makeup of the team.

As far as BillnMary comments goes well if they are playing those 5 for their last games I'd agree that the schedule is bottom heavy - shoot the last 3 are really tough games for anyone to play.

Just the same I think game #1 for us - like last year- can be the real bell cow (Ok yup borrowed that one from John Madden) for us this year. Real simple we win that game and it really starts the ball moving for us for the rest of the season. To play the pre-season #1 -or at least very highly ranked team- at home is a great opportunity for us.

The Top Row thinks that we win in a close one by RUNNING THE BALL ! ! ! ! ! until . . . there is no until . . . . .we just keep running the ball on them until they can stop us and that does not look too likely w/ this group of OL's and TE's.




We have good to very good RB's and this group of OL's is very, very promising.

For now from the Top Row in the words of my techno enhanced daughter LG aka Later Gator

Anonymous said...

this kid must be a hell of an athlete to get offered at 155 lbs.

Anonymous said...

calvin belfon will be in his third year at umass. hes been a walk on every year. was not in camp last year because he was academically inelligible. Quick and shifty receiver, but i think he is in his last year of eligibility.

MinuteFan said...

At 155 lbs., I can only think of Adrian Zullo, one of the best players in UMass history.

Anonymous said...

I agree with MinuteFan. I immediately thought of Zullo when I read it. He was an exciting player.