Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UMass Football Blog News--August 17th, 2010

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Dear readers, Mrs Blog and I are taking a late summer vacation to Durango, CO. We're going to be riding some narrow gauge railroads, taking in some National parks and other places in Colorado and New Mexico. We'll be out west for eight days.

As usual, I will try to keep the Blog going, as long as I have a internet connection. If there are no updates, then you know I've fallen off the grid and the Blog will be back in action on 25th.

Because of the time difference, blog updates will probable be later in the day. A couple of days we have early morning activities and there might be little or no activity on the blog until evening.

UPDATE: Good evening from Durango. Looks like the UMass football blog will be able to publish most days.


Anonymous said...

can Morris please focus on this season and not spend his press conferences talking about past players.

Anonymous said...

live from the Top Row sec 16 roww DD

Decided to take a break from posting to see what folks thought about how some of our ex-players are doing and to gather some camp news about our guys and those we wqill be playing.

As far as the Jets v Giants game goes it seemed that James Ihedigbo played liek you would expect him to. Would offer that he may have been the best DB to ever play at UMass and has done real well playing oin the pro's. As for Vlad and how he did it seemed that on a few plays he still thought he was a LT instead of a LG when he checked his DL upfield but this was a little too close to the QB. Overall though when seeing this was his first game as a pro I thought he did well and will be in the mix for pt real soon. Some other observations about how he played seem to either be coming from "trolls" who come on to just stir the pot or folks who just can't say anything good about anything. These comments seemed to be pretty unfounded and out of line for what Vlad did.

As for how Victor played well it was pretty obvious he did very, very well. He has been probably the most celebrated player in the Giants preseason camp and has gone from being on the outside w/ little chance of making the team to now he is looking like at the worst he will be on the practice squad. As happens a lot of times injuries and some mis-plays tied in w/ his making the plays have really worked out well. Myself I thought the punt return where he did not fair catch and brought the ball upfield is what will help him most of all. He plays against the Steelers on Sa and if he can put up even close to a performance this week well then he will make the team.

I know it is water under the bridge and I am one to say if you can't say something good do not say anything at all BUT when looking at how Horne is doing w/ the Chiefs, Zardas tries out for the Eagles, Vlad up front and Victor at LT along w/ a lot of other good players really makes me wonder about last season.

In my humble opinion as far as the offense goes if the QB position is played conservatively and we run the ball we will be fine this year. This offense reminds me a lot of Richmonds from the last few years - BIG n STRONG OL w/ some good solid RB's and some younger receivers. They are team that I would offer mirror a lot of what UMass has done and will continue to do.

Bring back the FB and lets run the ball as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

more from the Top row

now for some current team guess work along w/ some sharing of recent info from a variety of "sources"

The OL continues to look good. Seems that the Syracuse transfer is trying to fill Vlad's shoes and may just do that. S. Milhim appears to be the RT. W/ so many tackles on the roster it appears that Oz and Niland will be guards in this offense and at least for now big Josh Samuda will be the Center. When looking at this as a possible group and the possibility that Krevis will be on the field a lot w/ Emil going to H/ FB and then 2 WR's well it would seem that we should never be outsized upfront and should able to run the ball on a lot of teams.

Would offer that good run teams keep punding away and do not go away from what they can do well. This offense has all the signs of being a run first team. Up in the Top Row we hope so. Nothing against our group of receivers but we did lose a lot of experience and would seem better for us to go w/ a 55-60% run oriented team who uses the pass here and there.

Also considering that our defensive front is just coming around this is a great way to run the clock on teams.

Up next time will be some offerings about our first 2 opponents. Both of which seem to have a lot say about playing a very good UMass team.

Anonymous said...

when you are asked about former players by reporters, then you are compelled to talk about them. cruz' display the other night may have overshadowed media day a bit. it is great for the program and great for UMass to have so much press. think about it.

Anonymous said...

did you only look at the first minute of the 16 minute presser?

vetteson said...

Most of the posts on this site are about past players! Past players are great if they talk to the media about UMass! Cruz mentioned UMass in some of his quotes, let's put him to work recruiting for the school.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct. Too much focus on past players. Sure it is exciting to see ulumni players making it in the big show and it does give some added motivation to the young players but a mention is enough. Focus on what you have .The rest of the interview seemed to be dominated by the interest in the transfers. If I was a original Umass player I would be a bit frustrated.

Anonymous said...

Maybe thats because the reporters wanted to know about the transfers...

Anonymous said...

To be honest, with the team last year (Vlad,Cruz,Horne,Zardas,Miles) all are doing great in the NFL and (Nelson,Harrington) both having NFL shots, too go along with(Hanson,Collier,Dickson) 3 others that were on draft websites. Its a shame that this team did not do anything special. No other team in the whole fcs had anything close too this much talent.

Anonymous said...

they won 5 games last year, Northeastern, URI, stonybrook, albany and UNH. thats 1 win in my book with that talent. they won 1 game last year! Just want them to focus on the future, I'd rather hear about how a true freshman is turning heads in camp or how a redshirt freshman has really developed.