Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recruiting 2012 --Armanti Reeves & Camren Williams

This article from the Boston Herald say UMass has offered to Catholic Memorial juniors Armanti Reeves and Camren Williams.

Reeves is a 5-11 180 pd WR/DB. His Scout.com page here. Highlight film here. Reeves also has offers from UConn and Penn State.

Williams is a 6-2 190 pd WR/DB. His scout.com page is here.


Anonymous said...

from the Top Row Sec 16 Roww DD

Well keeping an eye n ear out for team news. So far relatively quiet. The biggest news appear to be that OL Flanagan got moved to DL. Would seem like a good move for everyone involved. The team has needs in this area. He is a big strong Sr who def. likes contact so make the move a go. Also seems like we have a good (to imho) a very good OL so we do not lose a lot by moving him over. Last would be that it seemed like when he played on the OL he was more interested in beating his opponent into the ground than maybe sticking w/ his assignment. Not meant as a slam on the guy but it seems like he has more of a DL attitude than a OL one. Not saying OL's cannot have this kind of attitude but it has to be kept in check w/ what the OL is trying to do as a unit is all.

As for transfers - unless they have not even set foot on the field yet- it would appear that no others have shown up. Why - who knows? Could be academic issues, waiting to get cleared by their old school to go here or a lot of other reasons. The whole transfer process is easier said than done.

Anyone have any idea what happened to Unterkoefler? He seemed to hold some good promise and looked pretty good in the spring game and now he is no longer w/ us. Not meaning to slam the guy but it was odd for him to not be back. Some of the others not coming back were as understandable as can be and that is unfortunate. Anyone who plays this game understands you only get a limited amount of time and chances to play and when done -it is done and can't go back. Hope for each of them not playing will be ok - I know for me every August and ever fall saturday is hard to deal w/ sometimes worse than others.

Looking forward to seeing Game #1 vs BillnMary from the Top Row.

Anonymous said...

More from the Top Row

After my recent post double checked the roster for any possible changes and wouldn't you just know it some additions have been made.

As best as I can tell here are some of the new guys.

WR Lizotte transfer from Holy Cross. Saw him play at St John Shrewsbury and he was a very good player. Will be interesting to see what happens w. him w/ us now that heh as crossed off the Cross.

OL Freshman Skoog - good CMass player who I saw play 2x at Salibury Prep. Brings a lot of size to the team. might be a very good pickup but again time will tell.

OL Speller transfer from Syracuse. Asked one of my fellow football fans and he thought he saw him play last yr against Penn St and said he though he did well. Why he transferred is yet to be determined but it appears like he should be a good pick up for us. OL are like pretty girlfriends - you can never have too many.

OL Freshman Kahale from CMass. Might seem more suited to DE.

LB Freshman Delaire from Windsor CT. Related to recent UMass player also from CT Darnell Delaire????? Hhhmm

Was told we are supposed to have another OL from MA and Milford Academey in NY but so far not on the roster. He may be on the practice squad and working his way onto the roster. Been there and done that and it can be thankless but still very worthwhile.

A couple of seasons ago the team could not figure out what to do w/ Igwenagu and he was listed as a RB and LB. Heard he would sometimes practice on scout on both sides of the ball. Damn that must have been tuff. Look at how he is doing now.

Well from the Top Row signing off for now.

Anonymous said...

i,m really enjoying the comments made by Top Row , insightful and very positive . I like the direction this blog seem to be taking .