Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whoa! UMass-UNH to play at Gillette Stadium

UPDATE FRIDAY 01/29: MassLive Online has a article on the Gillette game here.

According to the Boston Globe, UMass and UNH will play at Gillette Stadium in 2010 and 2011!

That converts a 2010 away game to a neutral field. This can be nothing but good as UMass is sure to bring the amazin' UMass Marching Band. Should make a good show for UMass football and the University.

If Kraft is serious about college football at Gillette, maybe UMass could schedule a FBS opponent or maybe a headline FCS team like Montana.

More tomorrow, my internet connection is pooping the bed working slowly right now. Fairpoint strikes again :(


Anonymous said...

That's great news! Should be a very good turnout.

Anonymous said...

I think its a bad idea. I prefer playing on campus. Why would we want to play in southeastern mass?

UMass73 said...

Gillette could be a deal breaker for many fans if the parking fees at the stadium remain the same as at Patriots and Revolution games, $40.00. That's a little steep for fans that are use to parking for free.

Brooks Rownd said...

College Football is about CAMPUS! Why play in this sanitized corporate hole? If they want a game on neutral turf, why not Harvard's historic stadium???

MinuteFan said...

This was attempted back in the 80's when UMass played Northeastern at the old Foxboro Stadium. I was at the game, and there couldn't have been more than a few hundred fans there. My guess is they will get less than 10,000 for this, maybe a lot less. UNH fans do not travel well, very few UMass students will show up....hard to leave at halftime when you are that far away from the dorms. Could attract some local UMass alums who would not make the drive to Amherst. Frankly, I'm happy to NOT go to UNH next year, but giving up a home game the next year will hurt a bit. Curious as to what if any financial incentive there is for either team.

Anonymous said...

The draw IS the stadium with all of its amenities. It's a great place to see a game, and the game, presumably, would draw alumni from around the area for both schools. I agree, though, that parking is way too steep, and should be reduced for the game.