Wednesday, January 20, 2010

News --- Jan 20th, 2010 has a story on Vladimir Ducasse's family in Haiti and his efforts to help his nation.

Matty Vautour has another story on Ducasse coping with the tragedy in his homeland.


Bleacher Report says the Big East should grab UMass to fill the ( basketball) vacancy if Notre Dame should leave. It would be even better if UMass football made the leap also. That would end the cycle of funding problems every time there is a recession---which seems to happen every four years or so lately.

Off topic question. What happened to Atlantic 10 TV basketball? Like most males I surf sports a lot. Last night I ended up watching Hofstra-George Mason (dropping football does not seem as if it has jump started any interest in Pride basketball, but I digress) ---- I never hit an Atlantic 10 game. Where did all the A10 basketball games go?


Fordham's John Skelton has been impressing people at the Shrine game workouts. Mike McLaughlin gets mixed reviews.


Two weeks to go till National Letter-of-Intent Day (a National Holiday for college football fans).


Anonymous said...

Years ago the Atlantic 10 agreed to an exclusive television deal with CSTV that effectively prevents them from getting on television, because CSTV isn't carried by most providers in the Northeast. The deal was negotiated by the same morons who lost the football conference.

Anonymous said...

Regarding my previous comment, I meant to add that the TV deal expires after the 2010-2011 season, so we have another season and a half of this crap.

Anonymous said...

someone mentioned it yesterday about Zardas getting another year. I can tell you I'm 99% sure hes not coming back and training for the NFL. Not sure if he signed with an agent but hes not coming back.

Anonymous said...

Zardas signed with an agent and is not enrolled @ UMass anymore. His college career is over. Everyone should wish him the best, he had a great year.

Anonymous said...

Did I read somewhere that we lost a coach? who was that?

Anonymous said...

Did he graduate? Is he planning to?

Anonymous said...

Niland will start at LT. He will benefit from a better system and better coaching. hes talented