Saturday, January 09, 2010

Recruiting 2010 ---- Ellett McGeorge

UMass is interested in Ellett McGeorge a 6-6 270 pd OL from Midlothian, VA.

His Rivals page is here. McGeorge runs a 5.23 40 (which is pretty good for an OL).

Also drawing interest from Liberty, North Carolina, Old Dominion, Villanova and Richmond.

Image from the HS website.


Anonymous said...

6'6 270lbs. Again 6'6 270lbs. 5.23 40yd dash, is not good for an Olineman just to correct you on that. With that Height, Especially that WEIGHT a good time will fall around the 5.0 mark.

6'2 - 6'3 300+ In the low 5.2 range high 5.1 range is pretty good for an Olineman.

Anonymous said...

honestly who cares about a lineman's 40 time? when is he ever going to run 40 yards? fumblerooski???