Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thrusday News --- Jan 14th, 2010

The Bleacher Report says Vladimir Ducasse would look good in the Raiders Black and silver.


More on Neal Brown's hiring as OC for Texas Tech (mentions UMass).


Cutting Northeastern football does not seem to be helping the rest of the Huskies' athletic programs.

I would figure hockey would be one of the headline sports at Northeastern now that football is gone. I watched UMass hockey beat Northeastern 4-1 a short time ago. The game only drew an official crowd of 2,160, which seems generous given the noise level and empty seats visible during the broadcast.


Matt Lawrence is still on the injured reserve list (scroll) at the Baltimore Ravens.



Col Hogan said...

Is there any word on Vlad's family in Hati?

Anonymous said...

Why would Mark whipple think that he was going to get that USF job? His offense stunk this year and he hasnt been a head coach in 6 years. hes been rumored for 20 head coaching jobs in the last 2 years and landed none. Im sorry but he's arrogent to think that hes in the catagory of a skip holtz. clearly hes not.