Friday, January 01, 2010

Nrew Years's Day 2010

Matty Vautour makes his list of the Top-25 UMass athletes of the decade. Includes Shannon James, Liam Coen and Steve Baylark.


Matty Vautour also looks at the future of UMass athletics. He notes that demise of Northeastern and Hofstra have some implications for the Minutemen.

Not to raise the pressure on the coaching staff, but this comment from Matty mirrors my feelings exactly:"In the meantime, it would behoove the Minutemen to get back on the positive side of .500. A few losing seasons in a row wouldn't help attendance and interest and if those fade, they'd be in much tougher shape the next time the economy goes south."


In a surprise move, Montana moves their current WR coach Robin Pflugrad to head coach of the Grizzlies.

More from the Montana website.

In addition, the Montana-Appalachian State playoff game drew the best ever FCS playoff TV ratings and the Villlanova-Montana National Championship Game drew the best TV ratings in eleven years. Story here.


A UConn Blogger discusses the rise of Husky Football.


The "Any Given Saturday" and the College Sporting News website continue to be down since December 30th. Those two sites were a big part the the FCS online culture. I hope they can return soon.


Envy abounds here at Blog Central as the Blog's sister will be attending the Rose Bowl and Tournament of Roses today. Right now, it looks like I'll be shoveling snow all weekend...


Anonymous said...

Earlier this year I wrote that, after 30 plus years, I did not buy my season ticket because I had lost interest in the level of play at UMass. One responder misunderstood what I was referencing and took me to task. My dissatisfaction is with FCS football, and not UMass per se. With the demise of Northeastern and Hofstra I have some real concerns whether UMass will be able to control its football future, or if it will have to react to outside forces. Reading the UConn blog Frank referenced didn't help my outlook either.

Col Hogan said...

Frank, while AGS has let down the FCS community, continues to provide info and discussion. I hope you will join us and bring your wealth of UMass knowledge to the unwashed masses on

Happy New Year.

UMass74 said...

Mrs Blog says I'm a font of useless knowledge.