Saturday, January 02, 2010

Recruiting 2010 --Matt Campbell

According to the Sun-Chronicle UMass has its first verbal of 2010 from Matt Campbell of Attleboro, MA. Campbell is a member of the Massachusetts "Super 26" All-Star Team. He's a 6-1 210 pd FB/LB.

I've blogged about Campbell back on October 1st.

Updated ESPN page here.

He's a Rivals two star player.

He has a lot more mentions here.

Image by (I believe) Sun-Chronicle.


nes said...

Great news!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How is the Offensive line going to look next year? Do they have anybody coming in at all? This could be the first time we would be weak up front in the longest time.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if he made the super team for FB or LB? Which are we planning on using him as a FB or a LB?

Anonymous said...

I think that, quarterback notwithstanding, receivers will be untested and inexperienced, if not a real question. I'm glad UMass has John Griffin coming in to lead the charge at TB.

Linebackers are also a real point of concern; the defensive line is inexpereinced as well. I think the punter did a very nice job last year, and the new kickers seem promising. This is going to be one of the most inexperienced teams I can remember I a long time. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

The only person coming back with the most experience is LG- josh samuda. I don't think anyone else besides him and brian ostazeski have much experience.
Coaches should definitely look into moving samuda to center, he should know the system with his eyes closed by now.
Also the Dima tackle from hofstra was a good pick up, he is real long -hopefully he can fill in at tackle right away.
I don't really like the move the coaching staff took with the northeastern tackle. They should of just took their chances with someone younger with more years of eligibility rather than someone that played in a weak program and from the looks of it, really not that talented.
I wonder how the oline will look without Vladimir D. Big loss. Anybody think so?

Anonymous said...

Why would Samuda be moved to center when the center is returning? Samuda returns at LG, Ihne at C and Ostaszewski at RT. Someone will have to be brand new at LT due to Vlad starting the past 4 years and never getting hurt or giving a reason for someone else to play.

And why exactly is LB a point of concern? Returning are Holmes, McIntyre, Adeoba and Mele who all played last year. Lindsey and Haag should make a lot bigger impact this year too. LB is one of the least spots of concern on the team.

Do people even look who is returning and how good they are before making comments on the team?

Anonymous said...

The linebackers were platooned and hurt. There is little continuity of a cohesive unit there. From my perspective, the corp of LBs were pushed around last year like no other group I can recall in my thirty years of following the team.

Anonymous said...

You apparently weren't watching too well last year and the 29years before that.

The ridiculous comments people make continue to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Returning @ linebacker are 5 of the 6 in the depth chart last year. You have a 2nd team all conference one in holmes and a 2 year fbs starter hampered by injuries last year in mele. and two rookies of the week with 8 combined starts in mcyintire and adeoba. How is that inexperienced the d-line is the major concern.

Anonymous said...

as long as Coach Picicci is around, I wont worry much about the O-line as compared to other positions. Losing the entire D line hurts and will see how great the linebackers are without collier, hanson and Harrington up front. oh ya they need a new qb asap.

Anonymous said...


umassfan said...

matty is 6ft2,225lbs, and he already runs the 40 faster than any linebacker you have on your roster now. he is a hardnose football player,loves to hit