Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thursday News -- Jan 7th, 2009

The remaining CAA North teams are recovering from the shock of losing Hofstra and Northeastern.


The recession continues to hit college football websites. is down for lack of funds.


Conspiracy theorists are having a field day at Texas Tech.


Appalachian State's Armanti Edwards has received an invitation to participate in the 2010 NFL Combine.


Two Western Mass players were named to the 2009 "All-State Super 26 Team"

The complete roster of the Massachusetts High School Football Coaches Association "Super 26 Team" here.


FCS team and Big South member Liberty University is planning to spend $22 million in the next few years to upgrade its stadium to 30,000 seats



vetteson said...

Glad to read that all is well with the CAA........... Yet I read nothing about alleviating the main concern of the northern schools, the transportation costs. With Georgia State entering, that extends the league all the way to Atlanta.

hampfan said...

i read so many negetive comments about umass football. to me there is nothing better than an afternoon at the stadium watching a ballgame.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Corp who was named the starter @ USC after spring ball in 2009 only to be replaced by an incoming freshmen transfered to Richmond.