Sunday, January 03, 2010

News ---01/03/10

Good Morning from Jaffrey, NH, or as we locals like to refer to it as "Ice Station Zebra".


"Col. Hogan" has been pestering me to join I did join yesterday and found that they had a future schedules page. This should be taken with a grain of salt as it's fan generated, but FWIW, it lists three dates for the 2010 UMass schedule.
  • Sept 4th Holy Cross
  • Sept 18th @ Michigan
  • Sept 25th @ Stony Brook (tentative)

College Sports News says they will be back up shortly.


"Coaching College Football. That's where a bunch of 19-year-olds run around with your paycheck in their pocket"--- former UMass Coach Jimmy Reid to the Blog in a conversation a number of years ago.

Two ECU player get suspended from the Liberty Bowl by getting into a fight at the bowl awards banquet---over a desert.


UConn is 3-1 in bowl games since they moved to FBS/I-A football in 2002. The Huskies beat South Carolina 20-7 in the PapaJohn's Bowl.


The Bleacher report says the Big East Football should expand to 12 teams and add an up-and-coming football program such as Villanova.



Anonymous said...

Only reason Villanova was mentioned is because they are already in the Big East. They certainly are not an "up and coming" program, the writer just didn't know anything about them before.

Anonymous said...

If true, great to see Holy Cross back on the schedule. Especially with Randolph gone.

Anonymous said...

It would make sense to schedule Patriot League teams, a few of which are within commuting distance by bus. Holy Cross and Fordham and even Bucknell, Lafayette, and Lehigh would make for continuity of the schedule.

Anonymous said...

Bucknell? I'll pass. Lafayette and Lehigh would be great.

Anonymous said...

How it warms the cockles of my old heart to see how well UConn is doing at the FBS level. UGH!!! My friend who has children at Storrs will become insufferable. Double UGH!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cross is definitely on the schedule for the next two seasons. 2010 is home, 2011 is at HC. This was agreed back when we did the home-and-away in 2007 and 2008.

The road game at Stony Brook is news to me. That would mean we will only have 5 home games for each of the next two seasons (the other non-conference road game in 2011 is Boston College).