Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday News ---- Jan 12th, 2010

Football scoop reports that former UMass player and current Troy OC Neal Brown is being considered for the OC position at Texas Tech. I've blogged about Brown before. Brown appears to be one of the brightest young offensive minds in coaching. I've always hoped that he would do a head coaching tour at UMass. If he is appointed OC at the Red Raiders, he may bypass FCS football completely.

UPDATE: It is confirmed that Texas Tech has contacted Brown.

The New York Post mentions current Miami OC Mark Whipple in connection with the open HC position in South Florida.


Sporting News has an article on five seniors who should have been invited to the NFL combine. Jeromy Miles is one of them.


Former UMass QB Liam Coen is on the roster of the Alabama Vipers arena team.


The Richmond Times-Dispatch says academics and athletics enticed UCS QB Aaron Corp to transfer to the Spiders.


The CAA website has a master list of the 73 honors gathered by CAA football players in various All-America team.


The New Hampshire Wildcats land a QB recruit from the Pittsburgh area.



Anonymous said...

Hot off the Press: Interior Offensive Line Coach Guido Falbo is also in the Mix for the USF head coaching job. Supposedly he is real close, and knows the AD on a personal level.

If he gets the job do you think he will bring any of the UMASS coaches?

Anonymous said...

Were too late for Neal Brown. He's going on to an FBS HC job.

Anonymous said...

The HC position at USF will go to M. Whipple, if he's at all interested. Why USF got rid of Leavitt is beyond me....