Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recruiting 2010 -- Dylan Swartz

UMass is recruiting Dylan Swartz a 6-3 220 pd pro-style QB from Modesto CA. Image from

His Rivals page is here.

YouTube highlights here.

The Modesto Bee has a video interview with him here.

Swartz was Conference Offensive MVP.

Drawing interest from a number of FBS/I-A teams including Arizona, Arizona State, Fresno State, Idaho, Nevada, San Diego, San Diego State,UCLA, Washington and Washington State.


Anonymous said...

Frank, this year and next year's UNH games will be played at Gilette Stadium per this mornin's Globe!

UMass73 said...

This year's UMass - UNH game will be played at Gillette Stadium as a home game for UNH. Next year's game will be played in Foxboro as well, as a home game for UMass. Good for me, I live in the next town.

Anonymous said...

Umass has a verbal from Kirland Nelms a 5-10 155 DB/PR from Fredricksburg Va.

lonnie said...

Coaches Evaluation for Dylan Swartz


· Arm Strength/Accuracy- Dylan’s physical tools are special for a young man his age. He consistently has shown the ability to accurately deliver the football. He has also proven that he can make very difficult throws. The 18 yard comeback, 15 yard dig, and 12 yard out are staples of our offense and Dylan makes these throws time and again. He also throws the deep ball with wonderful touch and accuracy.

· Knowledge of Game/Coverages- Our passing game at Central Catholic is fairly complex for the high school level. I expect my qb’s to make both full and half field reads. Our route progressions typically include 3 or 4 options. Dylan repeatedly has made it to his third and fourth options when the first ones are taken away. He has also mastered the horizontal stretch and high/low reads which are what our passing game is predicated. His recognition of coverages is uncanny for a young man his age. He prepares well from week to week and uses film study to his advantage working side by side with me.

· Physical Tools- As a 16 year young man, Dylan is blessed with great size and strength. He is a legitimate 6’3” and after the season weighed in at 200 pounds. His commitment to the weight room will most certainly have him near 220 pounds at the start of the 2009 season. I am a stickler on footwork and Dylan’s, three, five and seven step drops are very advanced. His drop is fluid and his delivery motion and release are quick.

· Work Ethic- Dylan is a highly self motivated individual. He works at every aspect of his game trying for perfection. He constantly is asking me for new drills that he can use to better himself as a qb. He has a passion to succeed and accepts nothing less. At times his want to succeed can lead him to become frustrated, however these times are few.


· Straight Line Speed- If I had one knock on Dylan it would be his straight line speed. He is not going to set any records running a 40-yard dash. However, during the season he did at times run the ball with some success. He picked his spots to run, got what he could and then got down. I know that aspect of his game is one he is going to work hard on to improve this offseason. He has begun working with a speed coach so I imagine that his times should improve.

Overall Impression

Dylan Swartz, in my opinion, is a special talent. He combines a mix of hard work, physical blessings, and a desire to win to be a very effective quarterback. Having played beyond college myself, I take pride in knowing what it takes to make it at the next level. Dylan will undoubtedly succeed at the next level.

Frank Borba (209) 918-5504

QB Coach/Passing Game Coordinator

Central Catholic High School, Modesto, CA

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank, you have a great site here but I tried blogging a couple of times about the QB situation at UMASS and you didn't allow it for whatever reason. But, I guess you don't want to believe or you haven't actually heard what is going on. The QB that was offered was Brandon Hill out of Audubon, NJ. He verbally committed and is completely committed to signing on wed. Feb. 3. So, you don't have to keep posting about other QB's on here and leading us UMASS fans in the wrong direction. I'm happy as ever they got this kid he has a big time arm, and it looks like he can make every throw on the field.

UMass74 said...

Can the commenter who is making posts that UMass has a verbal from a QB, please show me some kind of verification?

I'm not doing a blog post on another McCollum-type rumor. I try for accurate information here---don't always succeed----but I try.

I'll be happy to run the post if I can be reasonable sure it's true.

Anonymous said...

Frank,I noticed it in the Fredricksburg Va. High School blog
today and also on the CAA recruit tracker( under CAA football.

UMass74 said...

I believe it about the DB from Fredricksburg. I'll run a post on it tomorrow.

I need some verification on a comment that Umass has a verbal from a quarterback.

Anonymous said...

Frank, i'm not here to steer you in the wrong direction believe me! I happen to be from NJ and I know this kid is the real deal, and I happen to know that Joe Flacco worked with this kid alot because there from the same town and high school, infact Flacco's brother was Brandon Hill's wide receiver. But, I know for a fact he was offered and he visited the campus 2weeks ago and Kevin Morris has made more then a few trips to his house. As far as evidence goes he's been seen wearing a UMASS Football sweatshirt and I've heard he's fully committed and ready to sign wed. So, I guess wed. everyone will find out where he will sign. But, I can tell you one thing he is a steal if we get him, HUGE ARM, and Big Athletic QB!