Friday, January 08, 2010

Status of UMass 2010 ---- Running Backs

Image of Tony by Associated Press.

In 2008 UMass running backs went (in 12 games) 390-1,744 4.4 AVE 20 TD's 64 LONG 147.8 yards/game.

In 2009 Minutemen running backs went (in 11 games) 412-1,633 4.0 AVE 58 LONG 148.5 yards/game

UMass was 5th in the CAA in rushing and 44th nationally.

Tony Nelson was 3rd and Jonathon Hernandez was 8th in the CAA.


In 2010 UMass loses:
  • Tony Nelson 7 starts 150-741 4.9 AVE 9TD's 50 LONG 82.3 yards/game
  • Chris Zardas 5 starts 43-164 3.8 AVE 3 TD's 15 LONG 14.9 yards/game
Those two players accounted for 55.4% of UMass' rushing yards

Returning in 2010 are:
Those players had 44.3% of UMass' rushing total.


This year's roster includes:
  • Jamar Smith RSFr 5-11 200
  • Sean Unterkoefler RSFr 6-1 210
  • John Griffin SR 6-0 205 207-1009 4.9 AVE 5 TD's 70 LONG 91.7 yards/game (transfer from Northeastern, 1st Team All-CAA, All-New England, Offensive MVP)

Notes: UMass' running game felt worse than it was. Tony Nelson missed a number of CAA games due to injury. In addition, UMass fell behind quickly and had to abandon the run fairly early in some games. In three losses, UMass had 82 total yards against Maine, 62 against Richmond and 32 against Delaware.

The addition of Griffin holds the promise that UMass could be a good running team in 2010. Hernandez ran well in spots. He needs to reduce turnovers. Smith and Unterkoefler could also be factors after red shirting last year.


Anonymous said...

The RBs seem poised to run well providing the line can do their work.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Coach Morris turned down a quarterback from Clemson--the kid wanted to come here but Morris wouldn't guarentee a starting postition to the kid. He better start thinking!!!

Anonymous said...

why did we not recruit corp first of all and secondly if thats true why would Morris turn down a 1A transfer from Clemson? Another under .500 season and he should be fired. this isnt wpi.

Anonymous said...

Provided that's true, good. No way a coach should be promising a starting job to someone. They need to compete in practice and earn it.

UMass74 said...

I doubt very many coaches would guarantee a starting spot to a potential transfer.

I know I would not. The transfer would have to show me with talent and work ethic that they are better. The only thing I would guarantee would the opportunity to compete. I believe that's the way Whipple and Brown worked.

Col Hogan said...

While a transfer from Clemson may sound good, one has to ask why he's leaving the program...which leads me to agree with Frank that no coach can guarantee a starting slot to a potential transfer. Imagine what people would say if the coach did make that promise, and then the transfer was a total failure. People would be calling for the coaches head (Wait, it sounds like some are for not making the guarantee).

Anonymous said...

How to you guarentee a starting job to a kid? I wouldn't either. If the kid was that good, it would be obvious that he should start. If we already have someone on the team that can play as well, why would UMASS bend over backwards to do that?

Anonymous said...

its easy tell the kid he will be the starter, then when he shows up have him compete for the job in spring. If hes good he starts, if he stinks he doesnt. whats he going to do transfer again? he loses another year or goes down to d2. Brown did it numerous times

UMass74 said...

If all this is about Clemson QB Willie Korn transferring, the only FCS school I've heard in connection with him is Gardner-Webb. What is the source of the statement that he wanted to transfer to UMass?