Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wisdom of the Blog---- Top UMass Quarterback

The greatest quarterbacks blog poll came directly from the career top 10 list in the 2008 UMass press guide. The 100 Blog votes went like this:
  1. Liam Coen- 05-08 39 votes. Liam leads UMass in career TD's, Season and career passing efficiency, total yards and most yards gained in a single game (three of the top four). Coen has played in a lot of games and that adds to his career statistics. He played in 15 games in 2006, which was almost two seasons for the old time quarterbacks.
  2. Todd Bankhead- 98-99 23 votes. Todd is the only UMass QB to win a national championship. Coach Whipple offered a scholarship to a QB he never spoke with in person from a JUCO in CA. A couple of months later, Bankhead was all over the Delaware defense and the single greatest season in UMass history was in motion. Bankhead played two years and holds the top two single season yards gained record. He put UMass on the map in the modern era.
  3. Greg Landry 65-67 13 votes. Landry is UMass' only first round NFL Draft pick. His 1965 QB efficiency rating of 145.4 still stands as the UMass record. All-Pro for Detroit in 1971. Again, it would be interesting to see Landry in Whipple's offense.
  4. Dave Palazzi. 85-88 13 votes. Palazzi was a I-A level QB. He was somehow missed by BC, Syracuse or Penn State. If he had played for a I-A team, he would have had several bowl trophies sitting in his rec room. Palazzi's 3rd in all-time career passing. Remember he was playing in an option offense.
  5. Jeff Krohn 02-03 5 votes. After UMass' national championship, the question was open if UMass was going to have to wait another 20 years for a top level FCS/I-AA team. Krohn answered that question. Jeff kept the lights on in the Minutemen's reputation as a national and conference power. In his time before UMass, he led the PAC10 in passing...
  6. Tim Day 02-05 1 vote. Tim is 6th in career passing for UMass and third in career passing completion average.
  7. Mike McEvilly 77-79 1 vote. Mike is 9th in career yards passing.
  8. Andrew McNeilly 92-95 1 vote. McNeilly is 10th in total yards passing. Another QB who played in an option oriented offense. He never had more than 86 completions in any season.
  9. Gary Wilkos 89-90 1 vote. If any UMass QB reminded me of Tom Brady, it's Wilkos. Gary had that kind of demeanor as a QB. He only played 1.5 seasons before suffering a spinal injury that ended his career. He's still the #3 ranked freshman QB in UMass history.
  10. Peil Pennington 71-73 0 votes. Maybe UMass' best pure passing QB. Still #6 in total yards passing.
  11. Jerry Whelchel 62-64 0 votes. Played in the old-old Yankee Conference "three yards and a cloud of dust" offenses. He's #11 in total yards passing.
The results show a tendency to favor the more recent quarterbacks (as you might expect). Many of the older QB's played in offenses that were far removed from Whipple's high-octane passing game. Parsing the list by yards per attempt is fairer to the older QBs and looks like this:
  1. Liam Coen 8.6 yards per attempt
  2. Jerry Welchel 8.4
  3. Tod Bankhead 7.5
  4. Gary Wilkos 7.2
  5. Tim Day 7.1
  6. Noel Reebenacker 7.1 (1950-1952)
  7. Dave Palazzi 7.1
  8. Jeff Krohn 7.0
  9. Greg Landry 7.0
  10. Brian NcNally 6.7
  11. Peil Pennington 6.6


Anonymous said...

I dont see how Bankhead isnt the best he set all the records in 2 years that Coen will break in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

I think that Bankhead, Landry, and Coen are quite open to discussion.

Longtimefan said...

As great as Coen is, and I'm grateful we have him for another year, Bankhead set his records in two years AND delivered us our only National Championship. Here's wishing Liam and the rest of this year's team a great season and hopefully a trip to Chattanooga!

Anonymous said...

MIKE FALLON MUST BE ON THIS LIST #7in 1977 set most touchdown passes in a game 5 but he could've got more but his coach pulled him during the beginning of the third quarter because they were winning by so much against Youngstown State.

Anonymous said...

Dave Palazzi was easily the most exciting UMass QB to watch. Creative and resourceful - he didn't have any quit in him. He reminded me of Ken Stabler, because you didn't want to be on the other team in the last two minutes.