Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Media Day articles

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There were a lot of credentialed reporters at the UMass Median day yesterday. And one non-credentialed UMass blogger. Everybody kept a close eye on towering anvil-shaped thunderheads all afternoon. Despite a short rain shower, UMass got through Media with no casualties.

I'll have my own report and a web album in a day or so.

The UMass website has a transcript of Coach Brown's remarks, video and still images here .

Matt Vautour of the Hampshire Gazette has an article here .

Jeff Thomas of the Spring field Republican has an article here .

The Telegram & Gazette has an article about Emile Igwenagu here.

The Salem News has an article about Armando Cuko, Kyle Harrington and Chris Zardas here.


Anonymous said...

Would always like to see us get more coverage in other newspapers. If the newspapers realized the interest and support by their readers they would write more articles.
Does our athletic department email out daily / weekly news releases to all of the sports departments and writers in Massachusetts?

Here is a couple of responses to articles Frank referenced. They should help create more interest by the sports writers and their newspapers.

Sales News article re: Cuko, Harrington, & Zardas
Worcester paper article re: Emile Igwenagu

UMass74 said...

I get e-mails from Mr. Yellin concerning major stories on UMass football.

I assume local sports writers get the same notifications.

Most MA papers have limited column-inches available to their sports writers. They can't run a lot of UMass articles even if they wanted to.

In a blog you don't have that problem. That's why I probably churn out more UMass football news than all the local MSM.

You could encourage local editors to have their beat writers write a sports blog on the paper's website. That would get around the economic problems. Of course the writer would have to be interested in doing the extra work...

Anonymous said...

The newspaper business is a dying breed. Everyone is reading the news online now. Which is a shame. So, they should have plenty of column space.