Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday madness 08/11/08

Jeff Thomas has an article about Tony Nelson. Tony's listed as 5-10 205 in the latest version of the UMass roster.

Matty Vautour has a story about Armando Cuko, who's reclaimed the starting kicker spot.

UMass' I-A foe Texas Tech has the top rated WR in the nation in Michael Crabtree. This story tells what he's like off the field. Crabtree's Wikipedia article here. I'm looking forward to seeing Sean Smalls battle him.

Speaking of Texas Tech, Keeper's has them rated #3 in his preseason power ratings. If the Red Raiders were to achieve that level in the AP poll, they would be the highest rated team UMass has ever played.

Brandon London get a positive mention all three of these Giant's practice reports: here and here and here.

UPDATE: We've got a poll going about our expectations for the 2008 season. Mickey Matthews says he expects JMU to contend for the National Championship.


Anonymous said...

marcus camby gave umass a black eye. this is football season give us our time.,

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen how woodward and the 3 redshirt freshman QB's are performing in camp? any idea who is looking good and who will be #2 and #3 qb's behind liam?