Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday news 08/21/08

I received an e-mail from Comcast sports about this year's UMass TV schedule. Bob McGovern is all over it on his UMass all-sports blog "Between Mullins and McGuirk", so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel.


Matty Vautour has an article about UMass being ranked #5 in the Sports Network Preseason poll.

In his Sports Blog, he gives his preseason top 25.

The UMass Football Blog's preseason top 25 runs like this:
  1. Appalachian State
  2. JMU
  3. Richmond (the most returning starters in the CAA)
  4. Eastern Washington
  5. UMass
  6. Northern Iowa
  7. Cal Poly
  8. North Dakota State
  9. Wofford
  10. McNeese State
  11. Delaware
  12. Montana
  13. Youngstown State
  14. Southern Ill
  15. Eastern Ill
  16. Elon (I'm not sure Elon is as good as everyone thinks)
  17. Georgia Southern
  18. Villanova (maybe too low)
  19. UNH
  20. Montana State
  21. The Citadel
  22. Fordham
  23. Holy Cross
  24. Harvard
  25. South Dakota State

Keeper's has his FCS team and conference power rankings up.

He has UMass ranked #7 in power rankings and he rates UMass' schedule difficulty as #1 in the Division with a predicted 9-3 2008 record.


UMass has a new cheerleading coach . The cheer leaders do a great job at McGuirk and usually have a squad at the away games. The UMass cheerleading webpage is here (needs updating).


Did you know the UMass Dance Team has an active Blog with images, video and more? Well they do.

The Dance team is first rate, but their videos could use some improvement. Anyone want to volunteer as their Videographer?


Matty Vautour has an article about Sean Callicchio's move to center.


Anonymous said...

We have on our schedule conference games
2 JMU (Away)
3 Richmond (Home)
11 Delaware (Home)
19 UNH (Away)
plus URI (Away) whom we lost to last year, Hofstra (Away) and Texas Tech (Away).

One of our tougher schedules. I'll be watching our DL to see if we can prevent teams from running over us. If we can jump on the teams and get a lead forcing them to pass we will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Keeper's thinks we're going to lose to Holy Cross, since it has us going 7-1 in conference but 9-3 overall.

Anonymous said...

13th in the country last year in run defense. How terrible of them to allow 115.6 yards per game and all of 2.93 per rush. I'm certainly sick of teams running all over us.

john said...
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Anonymous said...

KCFR has us ranked #7 in power rankings and our schedule difficulty as #1 in the Division with a predicted 9-3 2008 record.

Today I would be happy with a 9-3 record. I don't worry about HC. We could easily lose 3 conference games plus the game against Texas. We might have trouble winning our conference. We will be underdogs to JMU and probably Richmond. Delaware is always a tough game for as is UNH and the most dangerous game on the schedule :) is URI if it is windy.

7 days to Albany !!

Anonymous said...

You should be sick of teams running right over us in the playoffs.

Regular season, most of the opposing teams were behind and became one-dimensional (or didn't have a running game) and were forced to pass. It was easy to build up good stats. When they weren't behind and or decide to run right at us, our stats didn't really help us, did they?

FWIW - It is possible to bleed Maroon and White, objectively look at our Run Defense and acknowledge it must improve before we can win a national championship.