Friday, August 15, 2008

Brandon London still doing well with the Giants

I did a quick check of Bob McGovern's UMass All-Sports Blog "Between Mullins and McGuirk" and I don't think he covered this story.

I was channel surfing Wednesday and hit a replay of Sunday's Giants-Lions game. Brandon London led all Giants receivers and had a great catch.

The Giants write up is here .

Relevant quote from the story: "

So was the play London made on the Giants’ touchdown drive. On third-and-two from the Detroit 40, he took a short Carr pass, broke two tackles and bulled his way to the 11 for a 29-yard gain.

“I thought Brandon London made an outstanding play,” Coughlin said. “He showed some real enthusiasm and some real desire to get to the end zone with the ball. I liked what I saw with the way he played tonight.”

London, a free agent from Massachusetts, spent the entire 2007 season on the Giants’ practice squad. Although the Giants began camp with a deep cast of receivers that includes several high draft choices, he believes he can earn a promotion.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time,” London said. “This year, my goal is to not be on the practice squad. My goal is to make the 53-man roster and slowly build off of that. Any chance that comes my way I have to make that play. I want to make sure the quarterbacks keep their confidence in me and that’s going to make the coaches keep their confidence.”

London led the Giants wide receivers with three catches for 46 yards, but it was his long gain that garnered the most attention.

“I wanted the end zone,” London said. “When I got back to the sideline everyone was making fun of me, because I should have broke that last tackle. To tell you the truth, I was kind of tired. But that was my chance to make a play to stand out and that’s what I was going to do. David Carr put a nice ball there, so you have to catch it.”

YouTube has the game highlights. London's catch comes at about the 2:35 point.


Anonymous said...

FYI-There is some good information on the CAA football updates and video as well. They currently have reviews on Hofstra, Delaware, JMU and Maine. It looks like they are releasing a new review each day.

Any other news on our guys in other camps? I heard Lawrence was released, but could find nothing on it. Baylark looks like a last minute decision at the end of camp. Hope he makes it..

Also, I hope the lights are working soon so we can have our team can get used to the lights in the stadium.(punt & kickoff returns, glare, etc).

Anonymous said...

Matt is no longer listed on the Bears roster; Listorti was released from the Falcons; Marcel Shipp, who was released by the Cardinals last week, has yet to be signed by another team. Steve Baylark is listed third on the Cardinals depth chart ahead of Univ. of Richmond's Tim Hightower.

Anonymous said...

Off topic...Came across something on another web site that made me wonder...Does anyone know where UMass played it's home games prior to McGuirk stadium? I've heard rumors it that the field was next to Whitmore Admin. building. Would anyboy have any pictures?

UMass74 said...

Matt Vautour has some more Quotes about London

Anonymous said...

i was told the lights will be tested on august 25. not sure what time.