Thursday, August 28, 2008

Two Days until football 08/28/08

Remember to listen to Coach Brown's show tonight live from the Hanger at 7:00 pm on WRNX.

UMass and Clear Channel have reached a three year agreement on broadcasting UMass Sports.


The Boston globe has a story about the UMass defensive secondary.


FCS and CAA football opens tonight as the Hofstra Pride visits the evil UConn Huskies.

The Hofstra game will be shown live at 7:30 tonight on SNY TV, which is available nationally on both Direct TV (channel 625) and Dish TV (channel 438). Comcast will also carry the game.

Meanwhile, the good Huskies (Northeastern) open their season tonight against Ball State. No TV but there is internet radio.

The CAA has lots of info on both games here .


Woah! Yesterday I returned home to find a pile of boxes that the UPS guy had left on my porch (Mrs. Blog is redecorating). Carelessly thrown on top was a white envelope from the UMass Athletic Dept.

In it were my Texas Tech tickets. We're in section 13 with end zone seats. Texas Tech has a neat feature that if you click on their stadium map, you get a view of the stadium from your seats. This is what I hope (God willing) to be taking images of in a couple of weeks.


Matty Vautour has an article on the UMass defense .


UMass football uses One Playbook software to manage contacts with UMass players and coaches.


CSN has a excerpt from their FCS magazine covering the CAA here (.pdf). They are rather down on UMass.


Anonymous said...

Frank, we plan on going to the Texas Tech game also. What airline are using?

UMass74 said...


Manchester to Austin. Austin to Lubbock.

We're staying out west for more than a week and are returning via Tuscon.

Anonymous said...

I hope anonymous has their tickets....I read yesterday that TT has pretty much sold out all their games. They said they have about 1,000 or so left for the Umass game...Have a safe trip to all the UMass fans attending.

Anonymous said...

They should have tickets available for the UMass players guests, wouldn't you think? That's were I was planning on getting my (2)tickets.

Anonymous said...

From the UMass football message board: New speakers in the stadium? Someone reported new speakers being wired...Could it be true Frank??

Anonymous said...

McCutcheon and Clear Channel have reached a three year agreement on broadcasting UMass Sports. -
Is there anyone who understand why we are associated with a 6,000 watt radio station? Isn't there 1 radio sports station in Springfield interested in becoming our flagship station?

Anonymous said...

Albany broadcast their games on fox 980.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if it is a 5 watt radio station. The great majority will listen on the web and have much better audio.

Anonymous said...

The great majority of men who purchase tickets and attend games will listen to sports radio driving to and from work.

Our football team is ranked 5'th nationally. We aren't on our homepage. That we aren't on a radio talk show or advertise on a radio sports show (in Springfield, Boston, Worcester) is a clear demonstration the athletic department doesn't support the football program. How much more obvious does it need to be?

Our success can be totally credited to Coach Brown. We were successful before McCutcheon showed up and will be successful after he leaves.