Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday morning 08/08/08

First up, UMass has the Fall 2008 roster posted.

The revised roster has good news in several places:
  1. All the recruits listed in the Feb 6th letter-of-intent day press memo made it (minus the un-lamented Corey Eason).
  2. Kevin Macon is back.
  3. No academic or personal problems casualties from Spring Roster.
The UMass website has a set of images from the first day of practice. It has an image of Kyle Harrington's 440 pd lift. Awesome!

Josh Buchanan has another list of the top-25 "Small School NFL prospects", which includes Sean Smalls.

Rant-for-the-Day: ESPN's football announcing is ----- I can't think of an adjective bad enough. By the second half they more or less ignore the game and just prattle about nothing. Steve Baylark got into the Cardinals game last night, but by that time the ESPN announcers had stopped doing any play-by-play.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to get a copy of the 2008 umass poster or how about a picture taken of McGuirk under the lights?

Anonymous said...

They at least did say "Steve Baylark out of UMass" when he ran for the 1st down.

Unfortunately the Cards were 3 and out so much in the 4th there wasn't much time to say anything.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Tyrone McBride?

Anonymous said...

usually they hand out the posters at the 1st game. They usually have them at a table, look for them.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that was the starting Oline in that pic with Coen under center?? It looked like Coblyn at RT. Getek or Incarnato at RG. Callichio at C. Samunda at LG and Vlad at RT..

Anonymous said...

Can you get posters of google images

UMass74 said...

The UMass merchandise trailer ( located near the field house) usually has posters free, while they last.

McBride never appeared in the official recruiting list, so I would expect he's in prep school somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I know there are a couple of walk-on recruits who have been asked to join the team in camp around August 20 (for whatever reason they were not asked to come at the opening). They will be then added to the roster. McBride may likely be taking a PG year.

umass1863 said...

Roster Changes - from June to August

(players removed from the June roster are not listed. Players without number on June roster are listed here )

- 19 David Cozzo______- DB - South Florida
- 17 Spencer Whipple__- QB - Pittsburgh
- 96 Raymond Jones___- DL - Delaware
- 97 Kurt Filler____- LB - Coll of San Mateo
- 95 Theluxon Pierre__- DL - Dean College
- 85 Travis Tripucka_- LS - 2007 UM Lacrosse
- 92 James Gilchrist__- DL - 2007 fr walkon

Addition and/or number added
- 17 Spencer Whipple_- QB - incoming RS-fr
- 19 David Cozzo_____- DB - incoming RS-fr
- 20 Korrey Davis_____- TB - incoming fr
- 32 C.J. Burnley_____- ?? - incoming fr
- 34 Kumar Davis______- DB - incoming fr
- 35 Terrance Farris___- LB - incoming jr
- 37 Zach Johnson_____- K/P - incoming fr
- 38 Chris Chamberlin-_ LB/LS - incoming fr
- 41 Dan McLaughlin___- DB - incoming fr
- 42 Darren Thellen___- DB - incoming fr
- 43 Nick Haag________- LB - incoming fr
- 44 Cedric Gonnet____- TB - incoming fr
- 48 Alan Williams_____- ATH - incoming fr
- 49 Anthony Monette__- OL - incoming fr
- 53 D.J. Adeoba______- LB - incoming fr
- 58 Quinton Sales_____- OL - incoming fr
- 59 Tyler Holmes_____- LB - incoming fr
- 60 Charles Thompson_- DL - incoming fr
- 64 Jared Chivers _- OL - RS-JR 2007:
Went to camp with UMass, but did not play for the team
- 69 Bryan Fisher_____- OL - ?
- 73 Gilbert Parson___- OL - incoming fr
- 74 Stephane Milhim__- OL - incoming fr
- 78 Sean O'Connor____- OL - incoming fr
- 81 Julian Colarusso_- WR - incoming fr
- 85 Travis Tripucka__- LS - RS fr
- 92 James Gilchrist__- DL - RS fr
- 94 Nick Collilouri__- DL - incoming fr
- 95 Theluxon Pierre__- DL - incoming jr
- 96 Raymond Jones____- DL - incoming RS-So
- 97 Kurt Filler______- LB - incoming jr

No Longer on Roster
37 Peter Chiaro_______- TB - RS-FR -
2006, 2007 walkon
64 Michael Binkoski____- OL - SO
65 Michael Boyle ______- OL - RS-JR