Sunday, August 31, 2008

Albany game news

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The Boston Globe has an article here . The Boston Herald here .

The Worcester Telegram here . Another Telegram article here .

Schenectady Gazette has an article from the Albany side here and here . The Albany Times here.

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has an article with photos here .


UMass athletic dept write-up here .

Great Danes athletic dept write-up here .


UPDATE: The CAA has recaps for all the CAA games here .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kudos for the new speakers.

We offer the best entertainment at the lowest price.

Time to add 3,000 seats, expand the stadium and sell season tickets and more game day tickets.

I am thrilled we are getting newspaper coverage in Boston and Worcester. What about Pittsfield? We had a full stadium without any marketing effort. That is pretty impressive.

Just imagine what the stadium would have been like and how many people we could have put in the stands if we had made any marketing effort and had the seats to sell.

Was any effort made before or after the game to sell season tickets to the walk-up fans?