Saturday, August 16, 2008

UMass linebackers 2008

The image above was taken by me at the 2008 UMass Media Day. Click on the image and Blogger displays a larger view.

Matty Vautour has an article on the 2008 UMass linebackers here .

Starters look like:
Anthony Rousier (RJr. 6-1 220), if healthy should get a lot of reps as the run-stopper.

Sam Besong (RSo. 6-0 215), Chad Arango (RSo. 6-0 225) and JUCO's Kurt Filler (Jr. 6-3 230) and Terrance Farris (Jr. 6-0 195) should be the top backups and also figure in various packages.

Also on the roster are:
Our three starters have good size and speed for a FCS/I-AA club. Both Filler and Farris are regular Juniors and could take a redshirt year in 2008 in order to maximize their playing time at UMass.

Hope they all have a great year!


Anonymous said...

Great Scrimmage Saturday. Offense looked very good. Coen looked much slimmer and quicker. All 3 Qb's threw the ball very good. Coen more poised but Wallace and Whipple looked good. Horne caught a long pass and outran the secondary for a touchdown. Nelson ran the ball very well. Octavias played tight end and made some fine catches. It was nice seeing Spencers mom there and his brother. She said she'll probably making lots of trips the UMass this fall.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Rousier may be out with an injury.

Anonymous said...

looks like they moved Hawkins from QB to receiver as he took no QB snaps, and Wallace took reps with the second team and filled in on first team when Liam stepped out because of sore arm. Woodward still out with infection.

Anonymous said...

Octavias played tight end - very surprised. I thought he was a lock for the starting QB next year and wouldn't expect to see him at another position if he was doing well at QB.

How many catches did he make and how much weight has he gained. 6-2 220 is small and light for a starting TE at our level.

Anonymous said...

Octavious, at TE? I think this decision, if it is indeed true, is premature and potentially disheartening to a young QB. Brown has recruited what appears to be several very capable backups and future starters, and should let the players compete for the job. Hawkins provides the team with an excellent mobility, a very strong arm, and exciting intangibles. Groom Octavious for the future! He's a quarterback! (I was a bit suspicious after Spencer Whippple joined the team...)

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the coaches know better than we do. It sounds like Hawkins is a great Athlete that could help us on the field. Just because he was a very good H.S QB doesn't mean he will do well at this level. If there are better QBS ahead of him then playing another position may get him pt.

Anonymous said...

Frank what is your analysis??

We aren't very deep at TE and already moved Krevis from the DL. Now we are moving a QB to TE. He could help us as a TE this year and return to QB next year with a lot of work and study - however would lose a year of eligibility as a QB.

We didn't do a good job of recruiting for the TE position. I hope we aren't weakening 2 positions.

Tight Ends
Ian Jorgensen .. RS SR _ 6-5 _ 270
Matt Silver ...... RS JR _ 6-4 _ 255
Andrew Krevis .. RS SO _ 6-6 _ 260
Oct. Hawkins ... RS FR _ 6-2 _ 220

Liam Coen .............RS SR _ 6-2 _ 225
Scott Woodward ......RS JR _ 6-3 _ 205
Spencer Whipple ......RS FR _ 6-2 _ 200
Octavious Hawkins .. RS FR _ 6-2 _ 220
Scott Wallace ..........RS FR _ 6-3 _ 205

Anonymous said...

Is this our C.J. Burnley?

-- Back to prep football, City Section hopeful Panorama is 3-1 even though the first-year program is down to its emergency quarterback, C.J. Burnley, after injuries to the first- and second-stringers.

Burnley, a transfer from Birmingham of Lake Balboa, is a 6-2, 200-pounder with 4.46-second speed in the 40-yard dash, coach Flaminio Zarate said.

"C.J. was our receiver, but the problem was we had no one left to get him the football," Zarate said

He is also listed as a DB on an all-city team

UMass74 said...

RE: Hawkins

I have an article pending on the Media Day practice I attended. Hawkins played QB that day.

He's already used his redshirt, so this year is kinda wasted because I think he's behind Woodward for second string.

Probably, they want to get some use out of him. I don't think we can draw any conclusions about next year. When you've only got 63 scholarships, you use all the athletes you can find.

If they want him to catch some balls and he's OK with it, then why not? He'll be on the field and I don't think he'll get much of that as a QB this year.

RE: C.J. Burnley, Yes that looks like him. His HS is listed as Panorama City Calif/Panorama HS.

Good detective work!

Anonymous said...

as far as hawkins goes, would you have him on the bench or use a good athlete at anotherposition? r j cobbs comes to mind.