Friday, August 29, 2008

One Day until Football 0829/08

This is a very cool feature. Matty Vautour is re-running his weekly articles (with notes) from UMass' 1998 National Championship year. Game one with Delaware is here .

I vividly remember that game. When Whipple was hired, I attended his first UMass sports luncheon and Whipple made a famous comment that he would like to bring a championship to UMass. I also went to the 1998 Spring game and it was nothing special.

But then, in the opening game against Delaware, UMass was flying up and down the field. We had always struggled against Delaware's superior talent and we were just smoking their defense. WHMP's tiny 250 watt night time power barely reached Whatley and I had to listen to the game on WMUA. The student announcers were saying things like: "Dude! This is the best game I've ever seen!". The magic was on. And it has yet to leave the UMass football program.


Jeff Thomas of the Spring field Republican has an article about the season opener here .


The South Bend Tribune has an article about ex-Notre Dame players including Chauncey Incarnato in a story here .


Hofstra got crushed in its opening game against UConn.

Northeastern got crushed in its opening game against Ball State.

The CAA has recaps of both games on its news page .


UMass' Liam Coen is on the Sports Network's Walter Payton Watch List.


Speaking of the Sports Network, David Coulson has his week #1 predictions here .


I found this over on the college football site "The Wizard of Odds". If you attend a Washington State practice, you have to sign a nondisclosure wavier. One booster got banned from practice for publishing this crucial information:" Some players showed some serious fire ... I watched each line going through drills and there was absolutely no screwing around ... I personally really like this coaching staff ... [Ed] Donatell is first-class ... [Steve] Gervais is a total stud ... I really hope it stays intact from the head coach on down." Story here .

Makes me appreciate how far UMass Football has gone to accommodate the UMass Football Blog.


UPDATE: Reshaude Goodwin is back on the UMass roster.


Anonymous said...

Is the game live on all access? and is it worth the monthly fee?

UMass74 said...

Yes. You get a month's access for $9.95.

If it works, it's well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Goodwin's back and a Xfer from Buffalo OL Brendan Flannigan out of Wakefield, Mass. A 2 star player in '06 out of HS.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Reshaude! We need you; have patience. B. Flanagan is a very good player who was not utilized at Buffalo. Welcome, Brendan!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Brandon. (Sophomore, 6-2 303, #2 Center on UB depth chart behind a Senior, Wakefield HS, North Reading, Mass, UB also brought in 4 OL this year -per UB Media Guide)

Since UB is a FBS school he was on full scholarship. Why did he leave UB? Playing time?
Where does he fit on our depth chart? Will he redshirt this year and maintain 3 years of eligibility here?

Their incoming class
3 Tenn
2 Maryland
2 California
4 New York
5 Texas
1 North Carolina
1 Virginia
1 Florida
1 Pennsylvania
1 Michigan

This is their HC Turner Gill's 3'rd year at UB. I expect them to show considerable improvement this year. Would be nice to add them to our schedule every year.

Anonymous said...

Last year there were a lot of complaints about the quality and time delay. If we sign up what is their refund policy?

Anonymous said...

UB beat up on UTEP last night. I listened to the Northeastern game last night on 890. Good lord. This team, particulary the defense, should be better than what they demonstrated last night. Anthony Orio was not productive and the receivers were dropping passes that seemed to be catchable.

UMass74 said...

I have no idea about the Athletic Dept's refund policy on streaming video.

I would suggest an e-mail to them asking that question.