Tuesday, August 05, 2008

UMass fall 2008 camp opens today

Today's the day. UMass football starts the first steps toward the 2008 season as the players report to camp.

Should be a number of articles available tomorrow. From the various interviews given by Coach Brown, it seems that he feels most of the roster positions are set. Time to work on technique and togetherness.

Wonder what this year will bring?

The image is UMass football wallpaper for your cell. Available at Busted Thumbs.


Anonymous said...

So quiet out there. What's up with that.

Anonymous said...

Hard for me to get excited when our athletic department doesn't support the football program. It would be nice if they explained why. Perhaps if there was a good reason donations would increase.

Anonymous said...

This is Massachusetts, our school is in the middle of nowhere. It's a good hour or more to get here from anywhere. It would be different, if we had one state university/college like UConn, then we (the state, like CT)could build a whopper of a (1-A) stadium some place closer to the city. Donations would be nonstop. Sound logical?

Anonymous said...

My view - It takes hours to get to a Patriots game. People come to Foxboro because the product is marketed by the NFL and the Patriots. Our Pioneer Valley alumni and the Pioneer Valley general population should fill a 20K seat stadium. With an interstate available, radio and TV stations to bring our product to the pioneer valley, 290 and 495 population centers and hundreds of thousands of alumni, we could easily fill our stadium. The concept of marketing is well known to our athletic director. He has made a conscious decision not to market our product. Why?

UMass74 said...

Hey, lets get positive!

I'm excited about our season, our recruits and our chances for 2008!

Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

We talked about broadcasting the weekly sports luncheon on WMUA.

Contact every alumnus within 50 miles, then 75 miles, then 100 miles via a telethon for a $50 or $100 donation and give them 1($50) or 2($100) season ticket vouchers. Send out weekly e-mail messages from Coach Brown, start his own weekly blog. We average X,000 empty seats per game. Give season and game day tickets to every sports station that will give them out to their listening audience. Free or 50% off Season and game Give ticket vouchers to every supermarket from Springfield to Worcester. The first X,000 people who call the UMass ticket office, buy 2 get 1 free. etc.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!!! Where did all this "stuff" come from? It sounds like some of the natives are resless, and I don't understand. Will someone enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

There's some great football to come. Why bet something beyond your control? Appreciate what you have and realize that Rome (or America) wasn't built in a day. Good things take time. Things are progressing at a positive, albeit, slow pace, but recognize what changes have been made. I'm not an alum, but love the team and have many friends who are alumni, but I love public education and appreciate what the school stands for and what the football team has accomplished. Dare I say here, go Crimson? I like Harvard because I graduated from the school, but am a true fan of UMass.

Anonymous said...

Rome wasn't built in a day. However it was built. Appreciate what I have -- What we have is a team that might win the CAA. I am not really interested in the CAA. We should be competing for the National Championship. Our athletic department posts excuses, not progress, goals, or achievements.

When is the last time any of us bought a car, spark plug, can of beer, or box of cookies that wasn't advertised? Don't you think it is time to place some adds, sell tickets, and build enthusiasm? I don’t want to see losses to teams like URI, Delaware, William & Mary, Illinois, or App State. I am looking for a National Championship. That means more resources for recruiting and better facilities. To get more resources we need to sell tickets and actually make an effort to raise money.

Don’t post excuses for the athletic department.
Post how our team has upgraded the OL, DL, LB!
Post how our team is going to be better this year, Not lose to URI.
Post how much more $ the athletic department raised each quarter for the football program.
Post that a fundraising campaign has begun to upgrade our facilities.

If the band can raise $4.5 million and get it matched by the University, why can’t we?

Anonymous said...

Okay. Here's an update from Todd McDonald of the UMass athletic marketing department: They are about to begin a television and print campaign to sell tickets. AND, they have a billboard up on Route 91 in Northampton promoting ticket sales.

Anonymous said...

A team two years removed from a trip to Chattanooga and ranked in the Top 5 isn't competing for a National Championship?


Anonymous said...

There are several problems with contacting every alum within 50 miles. They are already being contacted by the Annual Fund to support the academic side of the University. Then it becomes a debate on which is more important to support, academics or athletics, and who should be solicited for what 'fund.'

Also, callers begin their ask at $1,000. Not because they always receive a pledge at that level (often times they do), but so there is room for negotiation. While football could benefit from the annual donors (under $25,000 gifts), it really needs the big boys, major gifts. The world of development is not as simple as it would seem.

Giving a donor something for giving violates laws that have to do with tax benefits... basically violates quid pro quo.

The Annual Fund's phone program has called on behalf of Athletics in the past and were successful. Why this hasn't happened recently? I have only heard one side of it and do not wish to throw anyone under the bus. Though, they ran a successful campaign on behalf of the club crew team last year.

I know this because I worked all four years of my undergrad at the Annual Fund and have professional experience as well. UMass does need support so if you get your call from a student caller, please give. Every gift does help as alumni participation rates also effects corporate giving and grant eligibility. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous response. Also inaccurate. The request is simple:
start supporting the football program
start selling season tickets
start fund raising
start advertising

1. How many thousands of alumni who presently don't make donations will contribute to the football program?
2. How many Massachusetts residents who presently don't make donations will contribute to the football program?
3. How many football fans will make a small contribution to support the football team representing Massachusetts.
4. How many football fans who can't afford 1 ticket to a Patriots game will buy season tickets to see a UMass team competing for the National Championship?
5. How many people are only interested in supporting the football program?.
6. How many more people will donate $50-$100 that can't afford $1,000?

If you worked in fund raising you know the answer. If you work in fund raising you should know how to fund raise. If you don't like the specific ideas look at the other schools and adopt the best methods they use. Come up with your own ideas. Other schools raise millions for their football program. We raise almost nothing. If you don't want to use the same methods other schools use then come up with your own.

I get a headache listening to excuses while the football program suffers. How do you think Coach Brown feels when he doesn't have a microphone in front of him?