Sunday, September 04, 2016

The day after Florida --September 4th, 2016

Well we didn't look like the 128th ranked team in the country did we?

The Minutemen went toe-to-toe with the Gators for most of the game. I was especially pleased with the UMass defense. If finally looked as if we had enough depth up front to play some attacking defense. We ran some blitzes and line stunts. Da'Sean Downey played a great game with several hurries on Del Rio. The Gators were forced to punt 4 times and the Minutemen stopped three Florida drives that resulted in field goals. At times the defense looked well, almost Don Brown-like.

Quote from the Gators writeup:

"For UF, the most apropos response would have been a vintage Spurrier-like offensive eruption of, say, 60 points and 500-plus yards.

But nope."

UMass held the Gator offense to two TD's. And one of those was a busted coverage by Khari Bailey-Smith who inexplicably let Callaway loose in first quarter.

The Minutemen offense didn't do much, remembering the Gator defense was billed as the best "D" in the nation. UMass found a star in Andy Isabella who had three catches for 95 yards---and the first was a nifty over-the-shoulder catch for 53 yards that flipped the field. Marquis Young battled all night, but didn't have much room against a fast and athletic Gator defense. Ross Comis played as well as could be expected against a tough Gator defense. He didn't throw an INT and didn't fumble despite several big hits.

All-in-all a great effort. UMass looked like they belonged.


UMass write-up here.

Florida write-up here.


Matty Vautour says UMass put a scare into Florida.


The Boston Herald says UMass put a scare into the Gators.


Mississippi State lost to South Alabama.

Old Dominion's game was postponed until this afternoon because of the tropical storm.




Anonymous said...

For UMASS FOOTBALLS sake, get a few more friends, family and lazy alums to this weekends game against BC.

Anonymous said...

The star of the game for Florida was the kicker who scored 9 points. Would've had 12, but the coach accepted the penalty taking 3 points off the board that led the UMass defense to stop them on downs.

izy1 said...

Watched the game on SEC-ESPN last night. Defense did give the Gators a run, I am sure there were plenty there expecting a bloodbath. Nuts to them on that front. Congrats to UMASS for playing a strong game-this years team may give some an eye opening to some of the hatchet heads out there that have no faith in the team or program.
Gutsy move by Comis to grab the rush points. Outcome could have been much worse but UMASS fought for 4 quarters.

Anonymous said...

^ He scored ten points(extra point after first TD)but who's counting! I was a little disappointed with Breneman(TE) who didn't get many chances and didn't look that good on the chances he had . . . maybe this week he'll shine! Oh, the Florida kicker is MONEY!!!

Anonymous said...

For the people who complain about getting out of McGurk or Mullins after games, the Florida situation is 100 times worse! It took me 2 hours to get out of Gainsville last nite. Not one policemen or Florida field attendant(over 10-12 in all)could give me directions on where the street was that I parked my car . . . pathetic and the traffic once you got to it was unbelievable!

Bob T said...

Great effort by the team vs UFl. Defense played hard all day, and the offense hung in there against a very good Florida Defense. I'm excited to see what Comis can do against a weaker team.

Great hanging out with my Umass friends, new and old, in Gainesville. An awesome tailgate scene and the Umass crew really showed the Gator fans that we, too, know how to through a party.

Go Umass, beat BC!

Anonymous said...

I was there and the team should be proud of their effort.
Frank, your Florida writeup link is incorrect and leads to the Umass writeup

UMass74 said...

Fixed link. Thanks for the catch.

vetteson said...

After watching the game I felt that Comis was too non-committal in his passing game, maybe he can't see over the defenders. He does have to be more decisive in his playing. Defense was the best I've seen to date.

Auntie Tona said...

I was at game. Had a blast. Talking to FL fans who couldn't believe that's how the "128th" ranked team played. Something to build off.

UMass74 said...

Great! Wish I had been there. The audio link in today's (Monday) post praises UMass fans.