Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday before Mississippi State--September 22, 2016

Today's the autumn equinox at 14.21 UT. It's autumn in New England. My favorite time of year.


Mississippi State features a power running attack. In three games the Bulldogs have nearly doubled opponents rushing yards 585 to 305. Mississippi State has averaged 5.3 yards a carry. That's against two SEC opponents (LSU and South Carolina).

Their leading gainer is huge QB Nick Fitzgerald (6-5 230) He totaled 32-240 6.8 AVE 74 LONG 73.0 yards/game.

Next is RB Brandon Halloway (5-8 165) 31-111 3.6 AVE 1 TD 22 LONG 37.0 yards/game

The third leading rusher is QB Damian Williams (6-1 229) 15-88 5.9 AVE 1 TD 23 LONG 44.0 yards/game

RB Ashton Shumpet (6-2 218) is fourth with 14-76 5.9 AVE 11 LONG 25.3 yards/game.

Saturday should be a busy day for the Minutemen linebackers. They'll have to contend with the Bulldog running backs and keep contain on Fitzgerald who should be a load to tackle since he's bigger than any of the UMass LB's.


Matty Vautour has a podcast about the win over FIU and speaks with a Tennessee Titans writer about Tajae Sharpe's success in the NFL.


Adam Aucoin of the UMass Daily Collegian reports UMass is looking for an upset against Mississippi State.


Mike Train of "Fight Massachusetts" has five questions for Paul Jones of Bulldogs 247.


FIU coach knows "FIU should have beaten UMass".


Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen is pleased with the way the UMass schedule turned out.

The Bulldogs defense is using different personnel to improve their third down performance.

Maroon & White nation power ranks the SEC going into Week #4.


BC coach Steve Addazio says UMass was "pretty athletic".



vetteson said...

We beat FIU because we're the better team. Period. And Ford was the better QB. If Whipple wants to play the pro-style offense he needs a QB who can see his receivers down field. If Comis starts I'm afraid we'll see the same as we saw against BC. If this occurs it will be on the coach.

Anonymous said...

Frank, Do you know the injury report for Saturday? Are any starters out or doubtful?
Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Just lost respect for Addizio at BC. Nice praise that were athletic in his Wednesday's conference, but the comment "it was like our superbowl" to play BC is bs. FUBC

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Addazio in this matter. It was UMass that hyped the heck out of this thing with the billboards, radio blitz etc. The sad part was that hardly anyone was interested in actually going to this "superbowl". I'm thinking that fans of BOTH teams have simply been battered into submission by the constant losing. I'm seeing ZERO excitement about the MSU game this Saturday as well. UMass fans are just preparing for another (possible) bad beating and it's hard to get excited about it.

Bob T said...

Totally agree... I like Comis and think he's done a decent job, but I think Ford us our best chance for a successful season.

Bob T said...

No kidding, nice to pump your own tires BC coach! We're playing 3 SEC teams and BYU this year, you're far from our Super Bowl! Enjoy your one win this season.

Anonymous said...

Great news coming out of Mullins Center this year... You can now drink a beer while watching basketball. Starting on October 4, I. Hope the noise level gets amped up.#abouttime

UMass74 said...

RE Injuries. Just what the UMass beat reporters have published. Shane Huber is a game day decision. Comis is "possible". No mention of OL starter Elijah Wilkinson.