Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday after FIU--September 18th, 2016

Good all-around game by UMass. We needed a win and we got one. I think the Minutemen found some stuff out.

1. Andrew Ford looked like the QB I saw at practice. Despite only having two days of practice, Ford looked impressive. He engineered 394 yards of offense. Ford connected with nine different receivers. He had excellent pocket awareness as he slipped the pass rush a number of time. When he did run, he ran with his head up and completed a number of passes outside the pocket. And for 55 of the 60 minutes, he did all this without a running game. Ford converted A LOT of third and longs.

2. Speaking of the running game, I don't know about you, but John Robinson-Woodget would be my official third, fourth and anything-inside-the-five running back. At 6-1 247, Woodget displayed quickness and down-hill running.

3. The defense was again outstanding. The defense has given up 21.0/ points a game with a schedule that has included two Power Five teams. The defense had 5 TFL, 2 SACKS, 3 FF and NINE BrUP's. The defensive secondary, led by Isaiah Rogers had the coverage and when thrown at, didn't allow the receiver to catch the ball. This was a big improvement from BC, where we had the coverage, but didn't make a play.

Enjoy the week, UMass fans. I'm going to.


The UMass write-up. Be sure to read the post-game quotes .pdf for some world-class sour grapes from the Panthers coach.

Dan Malone covers the win.

Whipple was non-committal about the UMass quarterback situation.

The post-game video is worth watching. Whipple said the quarterback situation is the "best since I was with the Steelers".

Dan Malone and Andrew Cry break down the win.

Matty Vautour report UMass held on to win.

Matty has notes from the win.


The Boston Herald report UMass gets their first win.

The Miami Herald says FIU falls to previously winless UMass. How about winless FIU plays UMass and stays winless?

The Herald reports gaudy stats for the Panthers' RB was no consolation.

The UMass Daily Collegian reports the Minutemen got the running game going late.


The Gators may have lost QB Luke Del Rio in a 34-0 win over North Texas.

Mississippi State threw a scare into LSU.

Tulane also threw a scare into Navy.

North Carolina rolled over Old Dominion.

Louisiana Tech and Texas Tech combined for 104 points.

South Carolina edged East Carolina.

Neal Brown's Troy Trojans scored a big upset win over Southern Mississippi.

UCLA edged BYU.

And saving the best for last, Virginia Tech eviscerated Boston College 49-0.


izy1 said...

Congrats to the team for a "W"

Anonymous said...

Ford should start. He reminds me of Todd Bankhead. Good pocket awareness.strong arm. Accurate. Tough decision for MW, but he should add tart against MSU.

soomass said...

A great team win for UMass.

Baltimore Ravens assistant coach and former UMass guard ('70-'72) and assistant coach ('76-'80) Clarence Brooks passed away Saturday night after fighting esophageal cancer the past year.

Mike Reiss write-up here:

Ravens Bio here:

UMass74 said...

Clarence Brooks passes away

TopUMassFan said...

Congratulations to the Minutemen on their victory. Here are a few observations...

1) The game was closer than it should have been. UMass was a bit sloppy in execution and will need to be cleaner in the future to succeed.

2) Ford looked good, but, against what kind of opponent? I realize two days prep isn't much time but Mississippi State will be a much higher climb.

3)The UMass fan base is all but gone. 12,000+ on an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS DAY for football is appalling. Give away tickets just to get people interested. HS football teams. Pop Warner teams. Free tickets with purchase at Big Y or Liqueurs 44. Just put bodies in seats! That stadium should have been packed or close to it.

4)Student support is shameful. Seeing SO many leave at half-time was disappointing at best. Some crowd noise could have helped down the stretch. FIU fans were loud in the fourth quarter.

Frank, I know you remember UNH quarter finals from 2006...McQuirk was electric that night. We need to bring that energy back, somehow, every week (or get close to it) if we want to be FBS. Watch games on TV and those stadiums jump. Ours is smaller but capable of the same.

As always, Go UMass!

UMass74 said...

We've just lost A LOT over the last seven years. We were .500 in our last three years in FCS.

We need some wins. The people want to get involved, but it's hard with so little return. I think UMass is turning the corner. We had our best ever recruiting class. We need another. The schedule next year is a lot easier. We gotta just keep grinding.

Anonymous said...

Frank-agree with you,keep grinding.Faithful fans can't quit, and when more action, and in stadium Video board/sound system, it will keep people there. Also make in stadium areas designated tailgate areas, so they are right there. Problem solved.

UMass74 said...

I approve of everything they've done at McGuirk. UMass has added a lot of "fan experience" stuff. Except for bathrooms, most other things: food, tents, stuff for kids has improved markedly. All that stuff will pay dividends in the future.

For most fans, the "fan experience" they crave is wins. Nothing will jack attendance like an over .500 season. We're close. The defense is as good as any Group-of-Five team we'll face this year. Hopefully another good recruiting class will push us over the tipping point.

Ain't nothin' easy. Next step, a win over an FBS team not named FIU :)

Anonymous said...

Nice win. Obviously much needed. As for attendance, I don't get the obsession. I care more about on-the-field action for now. The students always left early in the FCS and still will in the FBS. They'll even probably leave early if we're ever ranked. The other fans will be back if we put wins on the board and find a conference.

Tough one next week and yes, for you crowd-obsessed, it will not be a full house. I'm sure everyone is getting their cameras ready and their "plenty of seats available" tweets prepared. Screw it. Those who are there just back the team because I think we can put together a respectable performance before facing hopefully soon-to-be conference opponent Tulane the following week.

Anonymous said...

Beating teams you're supposed to beat is ok. Beating a team you're not supposed to beat will bring excitement. Unfortunately that hasn't happened. Can anyone here remember the last time a UMass football team pulled an upset? Perhaps the 1998 1AA championship counts. Also I think we beat Ball State in the 80's, not that it was considered anything earth shattering at the time. We've unfortunately eroded the fan base with the heavy amount of losing that's gone on for a long time now. The "play for cash games" haven't helped the record either. 12K that quickly dwindled to 4K on a nice afternoon tells a very sad story.

TopUMassFan said...

The attendance isn't an obsession but it is a legitimate concern. We did our share of losing to Delaware in our FCS days but the fans showed up and stayed for most of the games. I realize winning is key but good recruits don't want to play in front of a high school sized crowd either.

I also agree that we need to win some games we aren't supposed to win. I think the last BIG win may have been against Montana in the 2006 playoffs. We were a great team but playing a great team in a very difficult venue to win in. I was there and felt the difference that night was our guys willed themselves to win. We wanted it just a bit more than they did.

Looking forward to Tulane and Louisiana Tech as I feel they will be good tests as to where we are and how far we still have to go. I had hoped for a win vs. BC but their lines were better and their 49-0 loss to VT I don't feel is a true statement to the state of BC either.

Anonymous said...

Attendance is a very legitimate concern. Haven't we heard that stadium expansion will be "on hold" until McGuirk is at capacity on a regular basis?

UMass74 said...

No. Stadium expansion is still in the works.