Saturday, September 03, 2016

Game Day--Florida September 3rd, 2016

The UMass-Gators game is available on channel 408 of Dish Network here in New Hampshire.

UPDATE: Dan Malone has media options for today's game.

UPDATE II: Boston College loses to Georgia Tech in Ireland. No sure what we learned about the Eagles in this. A lush, soggy field slowed the Wreck's triple option offense and BC's killer defense could not fly to the ball. BC stopped Georgia Tech except when it mattered,on the last drive. The Eagles special teams did not impress either. Toles can throw a spiral, but he looked rusty. BC Interruption reacts.

UPDATE III: I'm enjoying the SEC channel's voice-of-doom promos for the next game.

Florida vs UMass! Next on the SEC channel!!


It's a big challenge today against the Gators. I do believe we have a better football team in 2016. Let's not get rattled by the Swamp and play under control.

I'm excited to see the Minutemen back on the field. This is what we all obsess about all year long. I still remember how quiet Notre Dame stadium was 20 minutes into the game. I hope UMass can keep it close early and then see what happens.

Let's go, UMass!!!


Matty Vautour report Ross Comis hopes to lead UMass to respectability.


Mike Traini of Fight Massachusetts previews the Florida game.


SEC Country says the Gators should feast in the swamp.

Athlon Sports predicts Gators 52-UMass 10.

Only Gators previews the game.

The Miami Herald says the Gators are not overlooking lowly UMass.

SEC Country says Florida's misery streak ends today against the Minutemen.


I watched Army upset Temple last night. The announcers talked about Temple's last minute win over UMass with a blocked extra point. Temple was tied for second in the nation in blocked kicks with 14 last year.


When I reported Thursday's game results, I forgot Wagner topped sub-FCS St. Anslem 38-16.


BC-Georgia Tech starts at 7:30 AM on ESPN 2.



Anonymous said...

In Mass, the game is on 404-01. Gotta love dish! Best for college football!

Frank, what do you make of the AD's comments about possibly rejoining the MAC as football only member?

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. It is channel 408.

Albany punched Buffalo in the mouth last night.

Anonymous said...

Be a dud #BC football

UMass74 said...

I think he was being polite and not wanting to burn any bridges. If, four years from now, UMass still doesn't have a conference, he would consider it. Then again, if I remember right, he said he'd be open to the Sun Belt as a football-only option. I'd take the Sun Belt over the MAC. They're already better in football and they are where UMass wants to recruit. No many Southern recruits are enthused about playing directional schools in the upper Midwest...

Anonymous said...

After spending 15 minutes looking for the weekly football radio show on the new website it seems you now have to be an All-Access subscriber to listen to it. I understand why they have a subscription service but the radio show should be free.

TopUMassFan said...

It is time for UMass to look forward in football, not backwards...the MAC is in the rearview mirror, leave it there. There is NO interest in playing ANY of those teams!

The Sun Belt Conference at least has Georgia Southern and Appalachian State, two teams we have played at the highest FCS level. Those two teams could become better rivals.

With Houston knocking off #3 Oklahoma today, look for the Cougers getting a Big12 invite. That would have an opening in the AAC.

In order to get that invite, UMass HAS TO GET A SIGNATURE WIN this season. It's time for "A little less talk and a whole lot more action".

UMass74 said...

On the Radio Show: yes it reads that way, but you can directly access WEEI Springfield for free. The radio is still available there. I listened to it free on Wednesday.

The website is just screwed up there should be a link to WEEI.

Dave Root said...

Should be a tough game tonite. Next week BC will be very tough. I see FIU as a definite win, though.

Anonymous said...

Did someone actually use the term "definite win"? You clearly haven't followed this program very closely over the past 4 years.

UMass74 said...

The first comment of this thread was the 10,000th published comment on the UMass Football Blog.

bcolby said...

Well....they played compatible ball and kept it close into the 4th quarter. I can't be mad about that

Anonymous said...


It's an honor. Wow. That would be, Mark, from Salem, MA.

Really encouraging performance. The team looked the part. Excellent defense for the most part. Dome Bright Spots On offense. Exceptional special teams play especially the punting by LL and the coverage. Coaching was A game. Fourth quarter the guys looked spent. Seemed to kinda give in. I was hoping for two touchdowns and a field goal tonight.
Overall, satisfying if ever a loss can be.

Anonymous said...

And big congratulations. You do great work. Keep it up!

Dave Root said...

After giving an SEC team a good game until the 4th quarter, yes they should beat FIU. This is the best UMass team they have ever had.