Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday before Tulane--September 26th, 2016

Tulane's HC is Willie Fritz. He spent his last two years at Georgia Southern and went 9-3 in 2015 with the Eagles. Fritz brings the famous Georgia Southern spread offense to Tulane. At Georgia Southern in 2015, Fritz ran 1,370 times and passed 292 (82.4% rushing --per Phil Steele).

This year the Green Wave has rushed the ball 139-953 4.8 AVE 63 LONG 9 TD's 238 yards/game.

Passing 30-67-348 44.8% AVE 4 TD's 2 INT 102 yards/game.

Whipple went 1-1 against the Georgia Southern in FCS. The Minutemen rushing defense has been stout this year, but the spread offense will control the time of possession and will be tough to shut down. The UMass offense needs to score some points like we did with Mississippi State. Tulane's defense has been only giving up 21 points a game and held Wake Forest to 7 points. We need to score to win.


Florida International fired HC Ron Turner Sunday.


Andrew Cyr of the UMass Daily Collegian reports despite improvement, UMass has yet to capture a marquee Win.


A Louisiana Lafayette (which lost to Tulane Satruday) newspaper discusses the problems Tulane's spread option offense gives opposing teams.

Green Wave QB Glen Cuiellette threw three TD's in Tulane's win over Louisiana Lafayette.

The Tulane win over Louisiana Lafayette was a four-overtime thriller.


Newsday features current Jets RB coach Marcel Shipp. His Jets bio.


Tulane is #119 and UMass is #125 in total offense.


OT, but I've been watching a lot of football and football commercials. Anyone besides me think the Burger King plastic faced avatar is kinda creepy? It has a Clockwork Orange vibe.



vetteson said...

Saw a lot of players hobbling, including Ford. Hope nothing serious, we need every starter. I fear a little let down after the MSU game, we'll see. Young had a good game, great run around the edge but he is not an "up-the-middle" runner. If the offense line can seal better he'll have more edge runs, the kid is swift. Ford is the starter (hear me coach?).

vetteson said...

On Tulane, if you remove FCS Southern, and consider points during regulation, Tulane has actually averaged only 7.6 points a game.

izy1 said...

One thing noted by commentators on ESPN3 during game was our safties were pressing the MS offense side, pressuring the QB and limiting their run game. After MS pulled a fake draw they started hanging backfield. Whipple should have not made the change. MS busted out after that and started racking up points.
UMASS played a real good game, Ford needs to keep the QB spot. Young,Williams and Ford got the moves. Defense was solid-again