Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday before Tulane--September 28th, 2016


UMass hoops will hold a fan event before Saturday's Homecoming football game. This looks like it'll be fun!


Matty Vautour reports Andrew Ford is comfortable running the UMass offense. I would infer that Ford will be at QB again against Tulane.


Glen King image
Tulane HC Willie Fritz names Glen Cuiellette as the Green Wave's starting QB against the Minutemen.

Coach Fritz warns the Green Wave not to get complacent after an emotional win over Louisiana Lafayette.


Adam Aucoin of the UMass Daily Collegian reports Andy Isabella has found his niche in the UMass offense.


The Bangor Daily News reports UCF and UMass will be Maine's next FBS opponent.


The Sports Chat place looks at UMass-Tulane and has the Green Wave by 2 points.

Jeff Sagarin has Tulane 2 rating points ahead of UMass, but if you add three points for UMass being the home team (as per the heading), it's UMass by one.


Victor Cruz is going to try to keep Odell Beckham cool.



Anonymous said...

Really miss hearing a football coaches radio show. Listening to field hockey talk? Now UMass announces a hockey coaches radio show weekly. New administration is tone deaf. No wonder interest in football is lower this year, even with a much better product. When are they going to fix the mess of a website?

UMass74 said...

Attendance for the first three home games of 2015-2016.

2015: 10,141-13,525-15,217 total 38,883
2016: 25,112-12,202-13,074 total 51,883

TopUMassFan said...

This year's attendance figures are up from last year, but that's a bit misleading...

The 25,112 was against BC, a local team. Many in attendance were there to see the Eagles. The 13,074 is against Mississippi State. I would have thought attendance would have been greater to see a SEC team.

The 12,202 isn't bad for McGuirk against FIU. I think a better barometer will be the attendance against Tulane this Saturday, weather cooperating. Coming off a great effort AND playing in Amherst on Homecoming, we need to see 13,500 or better to see what the fan base is.