Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday before the FIU game--September 15th, 2016

The FIU website has a video interview with Panther HC Ron Turner about the Maryland game and this week's contest with UMass.


Dan Malone says 0-2 UMass can't afford to overlook FIU.

Dan also report Marquis Young hopes the holes open up against the Panthers. After getting overpowered last week with BC, I hope the offensive line is highly motivated to show they are better than that this week against FIU.


Matty Vautour has a podcast with former UMass star Brandon London. London's wikipedia page. London's Twitter feed.


The UMass Daily Collegian reports UMass is looking for it's first victory of 2016.

The Collegian says Saturday's game against FIU will reveal a lot.


Team Speed Kills talks about how UMass got pressure on 16 of Luke Del Rio's 47 dropbacks.


Mike Traini reports UMass had a lot recruiting visitors for the BC game.


FIU Sports fans are getting restless with Panther sports director Pete Garcia.


Oklahoma President says Big 12 expansion is not a sure thing.


ESPN thinks the NFL won't fine Victor Cruz for his 9/11 cleats.


Thearon W. Henderson image
Tajae Sharpe was graded as one of the top rookies of Week #1 in the NFL.



Anonymous said...

There are only three QBs on the roster. With the poor performance of the line, the thin ranks at QB is a concern. Comis, who is especially mobile, is only play away from being sidelined. Hopefully he stays healthy, but still, I'm wondering why there wasn't more effort at trying to retain Sosinski. I guess Stafford would serve in a pinch if needed, but that is no way to build the program in the event of recurrent injury at the position.

Strong performance needed this week. Conference USA might be a good home for the Minutemen, as much as the AAC is the ideal.

TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank,

I read the UFB everyday and commend you on your great effort...I am so thankful that you do this "labor of love" every year with tremendous enthusiasm. I'll open it any way I can to read the articles you gather together for us.

I realize it's a tough time to be a UMass football fan and it's easy to get down on the team, coaches and athletic department but these are the times they all need our support and positive suggestions more than ever.

I think UMass football fans are better than a bunch of negative nay-sayers. Let's get behind this team!