Thursday, September 01, 2016

Thursday before the Gators--September 1st, 2016

UMass A.D. Ryan Bamford will be on a live video chat today 3:00-3:30 PM.


Mark Whipple thinks the Gators are a complete football team.

Dan Malone reports UMass is expecting big things from Penn State transfer Adam Breneman.

Dan also has a report on why national outlets have UMass at the bottom of the FBS heap. No mystery for UMass fans. National writers don't do much but reviews the stats. The Minutemen lost most of their offensive numbers when Frohnapfel and Sharpe graduated. With the toughest schedule in the Group-of-five, and little in the way of returning firepower, the Minutemen would be ranked low. Let's just prove everyone wrong.


Matty Vautour reports Whipple was pleased with fall camp and practice this week. Matty also reports the true freshman WR's Sadiq Palmer and Elijiah Robinson will make the Florida trip as well as LB Rod Jones Jr. Palmer and Robinson were impressive in the scrimmage I attended and IMHO could end up playing with the 1's by the end of the season.


Over at BC Interruption they had a round table on expectations for 2016 and the lowest guess was 7-5.

The Boston Herald looks at the good and the bad for the Eagles.

Boston College still has not named a starter at QB.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- looks at the second half of the Cougar's schedule and picks BYU over the Minutemen 49-7.


A Washington State writer thinks the Gators will cover the 36 point spread against UMass.


Gator WR C.J. Worton is out of the UMass game with a high-ankle sprain.

ESPN Gainsville says Florida has a "three-headed monster" at RB.

The Gators will have five players suspended for the UMass game.


UConn and Maine play tonight. The game will be on NESN+ and ESPN3.



Anonymous said...

Frank hate to be Debbie Downer again,but only about 20k in tickets sold vs BC. The score BC12k-UM 8k.Umass fans are pathetic.

UMass74 said...

That's right where it was last time. It was a nice day so they had a big walk-up.

Neither team's fan base has had a lot to be energized about. In New England, they come to see you win, not to play the game.

UMass needs some wins to get the fan base excited. Win and they will come.

Anonymous said...

It's not that UMass fans are pathetic. There just aren't many of us. Of course if we end up with only 8k fans at this opener it would be pretty sad. I was hoping for an overall crowd of 35k. Unfortunately we didn't see a lot of wins with the MAC schedule, and now this year's schedule is that much more ridiculous. If we're waiting for wins to sell seats it's not going to happen this year.

Anonymous said...

50,000 +alums, plus their families just in Massachusetts.#pathetic

UMass74 said...

And that's the end of the "pathetic" echo chamber.