Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday before Tulane--September 30th, 2016

Don't forget the UMass hoops slam dunk exhibition! OT, but basketball starts practice.

UMass homecoming parade before the game.


Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" previews the UMass-Tulane game and says the Minutemen look to win their first Homecoming game since 2009.


Campus Insiders picks UMass by four over the Green Wave, but in one paragraph they refer UMass as Alcorn State, so what do they know...


News OK picks Tulane over UMass 19-14. They also pick Buffalo over BC. Note that Buffalo lost to Albany in the opening week.


Tulane is prepared for a road test at UMass.

The New Orleans Advocate reports Tulane DE Ade Aruma is a athletic freak.

Green Wave punter Zack Block is becoming a weapon for Tulane.

A Tulane booster just gave $2.5 million to their athletic club.


SB Nation says take UMass and the points.


Watched Houston dismantle UConn last night 42-14.


Your tax dollars at work: The National Institution of Health spends $50 thousand to discover if college students eat junk food when they drink.



vetteson said...

Looks like a wet, cool day Saturday, should favor UMass, but I fear a low turnout. The undergrads will be off to find "junk food" by 5. I'm hoping that Young and Williams have a big day. Was the NIH study done at UMass? And since when is Pizza junk food?

Go UMass said...

Always cracks me up when people get outraged by a 50k study. That is such an insignificant number of our overall budget. Plenty of other places to cut back on first.

Anyway apparently MassLive is ending daily coverage of UMass athletics. Thanks to Dan Malone for all his hard work. MassLive will come crawling back when football settles in nicely somewhere and basketball is back in the Tourney annually. Heck even hockey might be coming back under Carvel. I would say don't give them credentials but UMass isn't really in a position to do that.

Anonymous said...

Mass live cutting back speaks to the vibrancy of the Springfield economy! Meanwhile since they are in bed and involved in the new ownership of another soon to fail AHL hockey team,look for them to continue to push down that rubbish. Smfh

Anonymous said...

UMASS has ignored The Springfield market, so the Springfield market chooses to ignore UMass.