Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wednesday--January 9, 2013

Jeff Moeller of has a story about Victor Cruz coping with a post season without the playoffs.


If you missed it, Delaware fired K.C. Keeler day before yesterday. The Hens closed the 2012 season with four straight losses.


CBS Sports has a story about San Diego State possibly staying with the Mountain West Conference. That could mean the Big East would possibly drop its  coast-to-coast plan. That, in turn, could make an offer to UMass more likely, IMHO.

If the Big East were to offer to pay UMass' exit fees to the MAC, I would think the Minutemen brain trust would think very hard about joining. Reuniting UMass, UConn and Temple would be an attractive option. It would also help UMass hoops if the Catholic Seven end up poaching most of the power teams in the Atlantic 10. A mostly eastern schedule would be doable for travel costs.

Related item: the St. Louis Dispatch says Xavier and Butler are considered locks for the Catholic Seven and SLU, VCU and Dayton are possibilities.


NIU ended up finishing in the final Top-25  of both the AP and USA Today polls.


The says a bunch of MAC coaches might be suitable for OC at Syracuse. The story mentions Kenny Edenfield the OC of Troy and infers UMass and Toledo might be interested.


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