Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday--January 13, 2013

Image by Huber family
Harry Plumer has more on the Shane Huber recommit. UMass AD John McCutcheon got involved as well as the UMass administration.

Special thanks to Chancellor Subbaswamy for being willing to make a clarification of his earlier statements. I've known (and worked for) a number of higher-ups who wouldn't have done that.


This year's MAC standard bearer NIU plays Iowa and Purdue on the road ----- and UMass on the road in 2013.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says the Big East initially wanted $300 million for their TV deal.

The Big East did pretty good during bowl season.

UConn and Temple finished #6 and #7 in the Big East's final power rankings. It will be interesting to see if the loss of Don Brown hurts the Huskies in 2013.


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prof. said...

Tremendous effort and perseverance on behalf of Sollazzo. Good for him. Good for the team.