Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 14, 201-- Various recruiting stuff

There are a bunch of former Cincinnati recruits available as new Bearcats coach Tommy Tuberville has rescinded scholarship offers to a number of recruits.

Cincinnati's ESPN recruiting list here.


I've blogged about Darren Hambrick before.

He pleaded innocent to domestic battery in a local court yesterday.


Palm Beach RB Diocemy Saint Juste verbaled to Hawaii.

Saint Juste had offers from Rutgers, Memphis, Bowling Green, Illinois, Nevada, Colorado State, TCU, FAU, FIU, Marshall and UMass.



Anonymous said...

Is there a coincidence why Notre Dame went 12-1 and UMass was 1-11? Think about it. Maybe it will explain why all of the coaches are leaving.

Anonymous said...

That's a stretch...

UMass74 said...

Yes, awesome level of coincidence there guy.

Suppose you gave coach Molnar Notre Dames players and facilities and gave Coach Kelly UMass' first year FBS squad and facilities.

Wonder if there would be any other coincidences?

Anonymous said...

Ya I think it would be a difference. Kelly won at every level he coached at including places with far worse facilities and players then Umass. Molnar is unproven and he is what he is a lifetime 1-11 head coach. he can shut everyone up by winning.

Anonymous said...

Wow Frank you drank the cool-aid.
You are quick to defend Molnar but quick to persecute Morris in the past.
You are really just Joe Fan and nothing more. Stick to giving quality information like you have without your comments or opinions. Cheapens this site.

prof. said...

Attrition is a normal part of life regardless of the field or the endeavor. What makes football any different? Massachusetts can be difficult to which to become acclimated. It's a new program. Predictably, it tanked the first year. Some coaches are just looking for a stop-gap until the next good think comes along. Get used to it. It's FBS, and we're in the big-time.

Anonymous said...

from Sec 109 row 22 used to be Top Roww

Frank Thanks for the site. You do a great job and it is really appreciated by a lot of UMass fans. For you to allow the b/s very much anonymous posters on a very public forum to knock on you sez a lot about you and your character. Not sure I could do the same.

For those who dislike the HC and think he is not suited it is really pretty simple. Take a look at his record. For the last 12-15 yrs every team he has been a part of C Mich, Cincy and ND got better and better. Especially the areas of the team he was involved with QB's, Receivers and the offense in general. Was he the only reason these teams n players did well - of course not but he sure did a good job too.

For you oh so anonymous posters who more than likely have never been to a game or put your money where your mouth is - see ya. You are the ones no one wants to see or hear from.

UMass74 said...

The entire blog archives are available in the sidebar.

I've supported every UMass coach. Anyone is welcome to search the past blog archives to see if they can find any posts by me that "persecuted" Coach Morris. He did some stuff I didn't agree with, but I said nothing here. He was the HC and was entitled to do things his way.

And during the last two years I moderated a lot of posts that were over-the-top comments about him.

Zach said...

Obviously the Anonymous people do not follow UMass football. Every national publication predicted UMass would finish 0-12 or 1-11 this past year. Were you expecting a UMass team that was 5-6 in the FCS in 2011 to be 5-7 in the FBS in 2012? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??

Charley did an absolute amazing job with this insanely young football team. There is not a single coach out there who would have had a better record with the same players. Our team did not physically match up to our opponents in height and weight.

And to say that Kelly had worse players on his teams than UMass is insane!! He was never the head coach of a team that was transitioning from FCS to FBS. The jump is huuuugggeee and takes years to complete.

I am sure you are just a bunch of BC and UConn trolls.

And why are you so Anonymous. Come out and say who you are. Or are you too embarrassed by your stupidity?

Frank, you're the best. Keep up the good work and be careful of the trolls.

Anonymous said...

Amazing is not how I would describe Umass Football in 2012. See the fan attendence for the Cent Michigan game. To the new coaches defense they were left with nothing for talent, the prior staff lived off of Don brown's recruits and transfers. They didnt recruit anybody whatsoever. The well was dry when Charley walked in here. This years recruiting class looks promising compared to the rest of the MAC.

Anonymous said...

Get real... All of you !!! Whether you post with a catchy title or post anonymous You/we are all anonymous. Section 109 row 22 is still not posting his seat number because he too when ranting is smart enough to know that he really doesn't want to confront those he has in the past challenged on this site. An acquaintance of mine who's son is on this team was very close to paying him a visit during some of his challenges, and uninformed knee jerk replies to others opinions.. and btw it would not have been pretty watching sec109 row22 have to change his diaper after the visit ( very large man). As for Molnar there is a lot of coaches leaving.. more to follow.. You must ask yourself why. And as for his record.. Tell me ,why after 25 plus years he has never been offered a head coaching job prior to UMass??

UMass74 said...

And that's the end of this thread.

The trolls can take to a message board.